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November 30, 2005

tonight tonight 7:30pm

hey this is horrible of me. but i'm really excited about this cause the documentary i helped make in Swaziland is showing tonight at GVSU.... (it's not the one about the artists community) so i'm posting it in my blog-a-log-log.


FREE TONIGHT (Wed Nov 30th) at GVSU at 7:30pm the documentary 'Dear Francis' will be screened in the Kirkhof Center (215/216) to take part of HIV/AIDS Awareness week.

I hope some of you can make it!

visit dearfrancis.org to view the trailer.

dvds will also be for sale and the a good portion of the dvd profits will go to help build 6 foster homes in Swaziland. or if you have your own idea about where else it can be screened let me know... we can set something up. it's been accepted into different festivals around the country so come one come all tonight.


Dear Francis puts a face to the AIDS pandemic as it chronicles the personal stories of two strangers and the Swazis they befriend. After the UN officially declared the small African kingdom of Swaziland to be the world's most HIV-infected nation, Lance and Kelly, two Texas college students with high ideals, great hopes, and a bit of naiveté, embark on a most unconventional AIDS prevention program. Developing relationships with their students, they discover that the causes of this plague are much more disturbing and complex than they could have ever imagined. Through this unique story and interviews with Swaziland's leading experts, the film highlights the hope of a nation's future against seemingly insurmountable odds... one life at a time.

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November 26, 2005

amish/mennonite visit

what do you do when you visit an amish/mennonite family and you tell them what you do... especially if it has to do with film (something they don't know much about or don't even agree with)? and before the conversation starts they let you know they were busy shelling peapods out back? ...how awkward of a situation is that.

well that happened to me friday in tennessee after shopping at an amish store and then randomly stopping by some of my grandma's friends.

yeah, so i was in tennesse for thanksgiving visiting my gma and folks. it really was a good time... and my mom makes the best pumpkin pie ever.

i hope you all had a happy thanksgiving!

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November 10, 2005


the sickest thing ever....

in my unopened bottled water.

i called the 1-800 number and they told me just to return it.

give me a break... it's a piece of fungus.

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November 8, 2005

ear problems

so my right ear is clogged. i've tried everything... putting perxoide/warm h20 into it, a cup with a hot towel inside over the ear, jumping on one leg while tilting my head, buying a ear drops kit, yawning, laying my head on it's side for 15mins, buying gum-chewing relentlessly.... nothing is working.


i hope i don't have an ear infection... what the freak? it doesn't hurt or anything, just can't really hear out of it.

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November 6, 2005

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new kicks

it's hard to find new shoes that i really like.

still a week after the fact and have never been happier with my purchase.

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