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December 19, 2005

last week.

since i've been away from these kids...

i've been trucking it.
saying goodbye to friends...

visitng the convent...

80s night.
moving out of my a-p-t.
amongst doing other various things and activities.

GR has been keeping me busy.

today is my first day off of doing NOTHING. it's a great feeling, great feeling.

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December 11, 2005

goodbye charlotte, hello g-rad

i think some of you knew i wasn't around. it's been a really fun time here in charlotte these past 2 months (longer than i expected). last night the head designer took us all out for dinner. it was good. the people i've worked with have been great and seem to really enjoy what they do. i hope to keep in contact with them. i don't know what else to say except i'm excited about coming home for a while. then who know's where i'll be? but i do know a trip south carolina will be in my midst come january since me and friend are going to be making a 15 minute short! i'm pretty pumped. also back to the truck driving... wooohoo!

other than that, what's the weather like in GR right now? online it says snow showers, but i feel that's the forcast for pretty much everyday.

12.5 hours of fun-ness in the car tomorrow.

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