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January 29, 2006

ice cream

i had an enjoyable time at the ice cream party friday night. lately i've been feeling more social these weekends and more talkative than ever. i don't know what my deal is but here we go pictures stolen from leslie.

yes, those are shots of creme de menthe.

the mango/peanut butter sorbet didn't turn out so hot... i don't understand why?

good ice cream times.

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January 27, 2006

eastside fascination

so i drive truck to the eastside of the state at least twice a week. so my question is, why are there so many Coney Islands on that side of the state? i don't understand, some only a block from each other. but labeled differently... for instance: jack's coney island or josilyn's coney island. i think Coney Islands and i think NY not necessarily detroit. does anyone have any clue?

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January 17, 2006

24 hours in Charlotte

for the past week i've been in the carolinas... mostly charleston, sc but on sat night/sunday me and kristen made the 3 hour trek back to charlotte so she could work on a commercial sunday. she had a call time of 5am so i asked my friend meghan if i could crash on her couch since i was carless.

these are the events that took place.

for dinner me and kristen ate at the greek isles... we had some of the best.hummus.ever

kristen then dropped me off at meghan's where they had a chimney fire going... which was quite nice. after a while the place was starting to stink like fumes from the $1.99 log they had bought. so we decided to dump some water on it and OF COURSE the smoke would rise out the chimney stack.

boy were we wrong...

at first it was rising, then it started come into the apartment. then they thought lets try to blow it back up the stack... no go yo.

finally kelly had the bright idea of getting hot pads and putting the log on a cookie sheet and bringing it out to the deck. needless to say she dropped it and hot ash went all over the wooden deck. we then hurried to various faucets to put out the fire.

here's the log the morning after.

no fires were started, thankfully.

the next day.

after getting back from going to a fantastic tea shop. i went in to the other room where i then hear a shrek of terror. what has happened you ask? meghan is standing in the kitchen motionless while her beta fish formally known as johnny sox is lying on the counter.

he jumped from his bowl. why? not exactly sure. but i had the idea to put some water on him so meghan could scoop him up with a big spoon and put him back into his respective bowl.

meghan questioned, "why the fish formally known as johnny sox... why did you try to kill yourself?"

he is still is alive... as far as i know.

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January 9, 2006

the potluck challenge

so i probably should post this in potluck or something but i don't really know what section to put this under... but anways jake challenged us to a draw the map of the United States on Sunday at the potluck... george, myself, and jake participated.

here's what we came up with....

jake's map

geo's map

my map

i am no map maker and forgot many states. but it was still fun.

you all missed one fantastic potluck sunday. b-ball was played with three teams... 3 teams at once!

let's note: jake's the teacher, geo's going to school for this sort of thing, and i have only subsitute taught. where that last fact comes into play don't know, but it's something.

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