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March 28, 2006


so when it rains here snails come hopping out of the ground. SNAILS! not worms, well maybe a few worms but mostly SNAILS!

i have never seen a thing like this before.

oh my friend nick took this picture.

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so how do I even start this blog entry? so yeah I moved, moved to LA. the drive was alright, i don’t mind driving by myself. i stopped at the grand canyon, i think that was the highlight of everything. had a last minute going away party tues night. but leaving on wed was so hard. i was teary-eyed all day. such a mix of emotions but especially sadness to be leaving my family, friends, and gr. yeah I leave for long periods of time but this just seems so much more permanent.

going down to chicago to help do some filming for dear francis was good wed night. it was what i needed and to see my friends dave and brent helped so much too. then while i was driving thursday afternoon i got the call. .. i landed a job at commercial production company, freelance to begin but it could turn into a long-term thing. i was happy, but not really completely happy or excited. i was still recovering from the day prior, my eyes have never hurt so much in my life.

and it's funny how you go through these periods of life and think man, i should write a song about this. at certain moments before i left i thought what i just said could be in a song. hahaha. it's just so rediculous and i'm sure everyone has had this feeling at some point. it's just funny when you think you can do it and you really can't. like being a figure skater. or maybe you can... i don't know.


but on friday i was back to full jen fodor status and excited about things. i arrived sat night and attended patrick’s and andrew’s house party for a short while. then headed over to nick and linnea’s apartment where i am staying for the next week.

in general it just sucks having to start over. it will get better but i have no idea where i want to live. my goal is to have a place in a month. i’m also worried about if my car breaks down what the freak am i going to do and how much is it going to cost? (my dad is a mechanic and i just gave him money for the parts) i just want to be settled, know my surroundings, and know what’s going to happen but i can’t.

i’ll be fine and hopefully in a few months all will be well. my first day of work today was good and the people i’m working with seem cool! so that’s great.

i knew this move wasn't going to be easy. but i know things will get better.

a picture for you.

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March 25, 2006

my map

so this my map from the potluck challenge and my route to cali. haha. yes, it's not exact for my map isn't exact but the dots in red are the places i've stopped for the night: chicago, il -- tulsa, oklahoma -- & gallup, new mexico.

i hope to see the grand canyon and also hope to make it to cali tomorrow. i'm sick of spending my money at hotels, rediculous.

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March 20, 2006

the weekend + bobby birdman

yeah! so i think this has been the best weekend i've had in LA yet. first off friday night was a night sitting around eating popcorn and drinking a japanese beer. saturday consisted of an e-mail from patrick letting me know of a great show that was taking place, which thus lead me to take the metro to the bobby birdman and thanksgiving show! ....where on the way i met some new friends.

we got there a little early so we decided to go to a cafe in chinatown.

i tried a blended green tea + boba. ok i'm not so much a fan of the boba. [big tapioca beads that are sucked through a huge straw.] but the green tea part was good.

after that we made our way to the show. i think it was almost perfect timing. a couple bands played and then bobby birdman went on!

[my blurry pics since i didn't want to use my flash]

following bobby, thanksgiving played and i really enjoyed the first song. we then had to depart. i was really happy to get to stay for the whole bobby birdman set.

so on our way back to patrick’s new abode we stopped at a taco stand. i clumsily hit my head on the side of the awning and andrew just misses. i don't recall who did it... but someone knocked over a whole bucket of taco toppings, which then made the lady come out and check out the situation...


i tried some horchata [mexican rice drink]. it was good, but i didn't realize how good until the next day. sunday i met carolyn in the garment distric... so much fabric. needless to say she was in heaven! and i was in heaven becauase it was just a lot of fun to look around. afterwards we were starving and walked to a mexican market right by union station. it was so much fun! there were people dancing in native garb and we had some mexican food. and then we discovered our love for horchata! i'm so hooked. sososo good! then we went around the market and carolyn bought a mini red guitar.

it was such a good weekend of unexpected events and exploring.

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March 12, 2006


interviews are just weird in general. even getting an interview is weird. i don't know. i have a few of them this week and it's always hard to tell what they are looking for. my first interview was on friday and it was a good practice interview. the lady pretty much listed everything i needed to know from the start. i tried to add in a few things here and there that i thought i would be good at or could contribute. she told me she would pass my resume along and i should give a call next week. we'll see how the next ones go this week.

i think i'm always awkward in interviews especially when they ask what do you think your strengths and weaknesses are? even worse when they ask for an exact number. this time i was trying to be prepared and was formulating my responses in my head, luckily they weren't asked of me this time. it's always when i'm not prepared they ask questions like that.

anybody have any horrible interviewing stories?

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March 7, 2006


I don't even know where to begin. I was calling Carolyn's cell phone on Friday and her sister answered. So after a convo I decided to surprise Carolyn! I hopped on the metro and headed to long beach. After eating dinner at Bubba Gump's Shrimp Shack... a resaurant dedicated to the movie Forrest Gump. We started walking and weren't sure what we were gonna do or go. About two blocks later from across the street we hear.."heyyyyy ladies, come over here." i'm like oh no what's gonna happen. we walk a bit and then carolyn's sister asks why?. she runs across the street and a not too much later we are sitting with bobby on the patio with free drinks. later we find out why he's in a wheelchair and he doesn't really understand why we had to leave and why we couldn't go and dance with him. i wish i could articulate this story more... but this situation in general was pretty hilarious. maybe carolyn could put in a few quotes to help the story along.

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