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March 12, 2006


interviews are just weird in general. even getting an interview is weird. i don't know. i have a few of them this week and it's always hard to tell what they are looking for. my first interview was on friday and it was a good practice interview. the lady pretty much listed everything i needed to know from the start. i tried to add in a few things here and there that i thought i would be good at or could contribute. she told me she would pass my resume along and i should give a call next week. we'll see how the next ones go this week.

i think i'm always awkward in interviews especially when they ask what do you think your strengths and weaknesses are? even worse when they ask for an exact number. this time i was trying to be prepared and was formulating my responses in my head, luckily they weren't asked of me this time. it's always when i'm not prepared they ask questions like that.

anybody have any horrible interviewing stories?

Posted by jennifer at March 12, 2006 4:15 PM


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