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April 30, 2006

i need to admit something.

so i haven't sent these out to audrey. i told her i would have a month and a half ago. i promise i'll send them out on monday.

swear. promise.

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April 26, 2006

new and old

since things have been you know, new. i'll say it again... it's so good to see friends that know you. i've been meeting some great new people out here but it's always good to have those friends that know your personality and you can just be. yes, that is what i would consider yesterday when going down to orange county. where you can eat cheese with a mouth full and say... "this is so good."

that's all i would like to say. but i do hope more adventures come in the next week. all i have been getting excited about lately are trash cans and a bathroom mats. maybe adventures of getting a matress will happen in the next week/s and i can write about that... or not.

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April 23, 2006

YES! bookcase

yes! so i have finally moved into a place to call home! with only a blow up matress and various amounts of clothes/bedding i am on the hunt for furniture. tonight i got my first piece! there was a bookshelf in an alley way under the free section of craigslist. so after a day of moving i asked my roommate if we could take his car and go see if it was still there... he said sure! so me, nick, and linnea went on a sacvenger hunt and found it. now i'm cleaning it off and dying from the orange cleaner i'm using. potent stuff. but it will be worth it in the long run!

pictures to come in the next days of my new place and bookshelf. next step find a bed or something.

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April 12, 2006

michigan invades

soooooo. i'm here. you know where.

GR invaded this weekend. a friend of mine is in the band still remains... me and car-oh-lyn went and saw him perform. i'm so proud of him/them even though hardcore isn't my thanng. it's just good to know that a friend of yours seems to really enjoy what their doing and succeding at it.

but the michigan connections are so strange out here. i got forwarded a michigander's picnic that is taking place in santa monica at the end of may. hah. funny.

also another thing that happened this weekend was that i was sitting on a bench and out of a crowd of people realized my high school friend that moved to NYC was passing by. i called out his name, it took a minute for him to realize who i was, and then proceeded to tell him i moved out here 2 weeks ago. he was visiting and will probably be moving at the end of the summer. i think that was the best/craziest part of the weekend.

so many michigan people are out here it seems.


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April 5, 2006

everyday things

pluses and minuses

+ razor scooters to get around at work
+ free lunch
+ i get to sleep in tomorrow
- certain stop lights that give you a ticket if you go on yellow/red
- not having the time to know if a good show is coming to the area... it used to be so easy. then once i realize a band i like is playing it seems to be sold out, like anathallo, good MI music. sold out.
- not finding a place to live. i really just need one and i hate looking on craigslist.

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