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June 3, 2006

camping conversation

i went caming last weekend for memorial day up to Big Bear. It was fun!

but man do i fail at large group situations more times than not.... smaller is the key for me and had a fantastic conversation about community with a pretty sweet dude from Italy (pierre). me, him, a friend were talking about structures of cities here and in Europe. we discussed how when people must have settled here how they wanted to get rid of the old tradiitons and hence the community square has not been really integrated like it is in Europe. so there really isn't a common place where different cultures can mingle and really learn from each other.... which has lead to some problems of cultures not really understanding each other. (so much more to talk about but i'll spare you) i noticed it at least when i've been in london how they infuse everyone so much more. hopefully the usa will be like that more one day...

it was so refreshing to have a conversation about this! it's been a while.

and i will leave you with this picture.

a failed attemped to bake cookies over a campfire.

p.s. since i had to return my computer it'll be hard for me to update. but if there's a will, there's a way!

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