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July 25, 2006

GR Native falls into Abandoned Mine Shaft

Yesterday my roommate Nick and his friend Josh [who was visiting from Michigan] wanted to take some photographs. They ventured to visit the Big Horn (Abandoned) Mine in the Los Angeles National Forest. Nick and Linnea (my other roommate) have visited there before, but have never entered.

Nick was experimenting with colors... here is a picture of what he was working on before the ACCIDENT happened. The holes you see is where you enter into the mine....

Both guys were exploring and Nick decided to go around a corner where he stepped on rotten wood and before he knew what was happening fell 10 feet down a 40' shaft. He was disoriented.

Finally when he had the energy he yelled out "Josh!"

Josh came franticly and thought rocks had fallen on Nick because all he could see was his camera.

Nick yelled out, "I fell down the mine shaft." Josh came around the corner and extended the leg of the tripod and Nick was trying to distribute his weight evenly so he would not fall another 30 feet.

Nick slowly crawled out covered in mud [that was from the water that was dripping from the top of the mine.]

They then both had to leap across the same hole where Nick just fell down. They gained up the strength to do it and when safe, Nick had the case of the jelly bones. He was shocked at what just happened.

They did not go deep into the mine, however it was a maze to get out. If anything would had happened there was no cell phone reception and a two mile hike back to the car.

Needless to say it was a tough hike. He lost a headlamp and a camera flash.

Hey lets all surprise Nick and donate some money to his paypal account to recoup the cost of the lost flash. That would be pretty sweet! [for his own stupidity for going into an ABANDONED gold mine] dial-a-view@hotmail.com i donated 2 bucks already.... gotta help support the arts, right?! haha..... maybe orrrr maybe not.

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blunder of the week

so i think i should really format my site [i say this all the time] .... i want to have a blunder of the week.... since i'm pretty clumsy at times...

tonight i was at a coffee shop meeting with some folks & what happened? i lifted my smoothie [acidentally] by the lid and it went everywhere.... down my shirt on my neck and arms. it was pretty hilarious.....

however, i have to tip my hat to my roommate who fell 10 feet down a mine shaft today.

now that's a blunder my friends.

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July 23, 2006

home sweet home

i really love going home.

i had such a good time seeing everyone and partaking in many different activities.....

the bbq!

thanks katie for putting it together!

steph's bday!

seeing my good friends play their music!

a wedding

us distracted throughout the whole ceremony by trying to get a perfect picture.

a dance party after the wedding that ended with disaster....

the waltz.

leslie dropped on the floor - a waltz gone wrong.

a visit from the east side of the state... kyle & audrey!

audrey burned from the car ride over.

oh and lets not forget THE FLOOD OF 97!

ok well that was in reference to a coversation i was having earlier that night about people and rain in other states.....


i was leaving my friends apartment and both exits were flooded... i parked my car on some high ground, i then gave up and ran back to the apartment down the road in the thunder and lightening. it was intense!

so many other activities occured. it was so good being home!

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July 9, 2006

things to do

wow. i can't believe it's been over a year now that g-rad has been going. it's just strange to go back to previous blogs and think about all the stuff that was going on a year ago... and even stranger to see where you have landed since then. who really knows what's to come?

right now i'm looking forward to coming home for a few days!

things i'm excited to see and/or do!

-my friends!
-my family!
-80s night!
-my friend getting married!
-lake michigan!
-& all those grand rapids things to do!

don't get me wrong LA is growing on me. i'm liking it more and by the fourth month patrick told me i am golden. haha, maybe those weren't the exact words. now i'm thinking about buying a bike and because i've been having rediculous car problems lately... and who knows how much longer if i'll even have a car? but that is life. i really have nothing to complain about. it'll work out.

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san diego part II

yeah! nothing can beat san diego for the 4th of july weekend. i had a blast!

we went to the beach, danced a little bit, and even played tennis in la jolla.

i forget what day it was.... but we watched germany vs italy in little italy. i haven't been keeping up with any of it...so if you wanted germany to win... sorry.

we ate a great lunch/dinner at a hole in the wall restuarant. good food! [i feel like should put this in potluck.] i ordered eggplant parm. crazy amount of food for a low price. needless to say i took the rest of it home. so gooood!

nothing beats watching the game in little italy unless perhaps you were actually in italy or germany for the actual game. but everyone was excited over the win and the people in the streets were going crazy!

it was a good times, good food, & great people!

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