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July 23, 2006

home sweet home

i really love going home.

i had such a good time seeing everyone and partaking in many different activities.....

the bbq!

thanks katie for putting it together!

steph's bday!

seeing my good friends play their music!

a wedding

us distracted throughout the whole ceremony by trying to get a perfect picture.

a dance party after the wedding that ended with disaster....

the waltz.

leslie dropped on the floor - a waltz gone wrong.

a visit from the east side of the state... kyle & audrey!

audrey burned from the car ride over.

oh and lets not forget THE FLOOD OF 97!

ok well that was in reference to a coversation i was having earlier that night about people and rain in other states.....


i was leaving my friends apartment and both exits were flooded... i parked my car on some high ground, i then gave up and ran back to the apartment down the road in the thunder and lightening. it was intense!

so many other activities occured. it was so good being home!

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