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July 9, 2006

things to do

wow. i can't believe it's been over a year now that g-rad has been going. it's just strange to go back to previous blogs and think about all the stuff that was going on a year ago... and even stranger to see where you have landed since then. who really knows what's to come?

right now i'm looking forward to coming home for a few days!

things i'm excited to see and/or do!

-my friends!
-my family!
-80s night!
-my friend getting married!
-lake michigan!
-& all those grand rapids things to do!

don't get me wrong LA is growing on me. i'm liking it more and by the fourth month patrick told me i am golden. haha, maybe those weren't the exact words. now i'm thinking about buying a bike and because i've been having rediculous car problems lately... and who knows how much longer if i'll even have a car? but that is life. i really have nothing to complain about. it'll work out.

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