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August 20, 2006

success! ...finally.

hopefully this will be an end to car problemos for a while. i have found a car that is a gem! i am going to be getting a ford aspire. i am very happy! yesterday i took it to the mechanic and he gave it two thumbs up. we took it for a test drive he looked at the brakes and all i need is a new muffler. oh man! it's great. i've been taking public transportation all week. it's been pretty reliable & super simple to get around. i probably will still use the bus after everything is taken care of because it takes pretty much the same time to get to work if i was driving. but the best part is west michigan has come through again and i'm buying the car from a michigander!

tomorrow i'm bringing in my old car so i at least know what the deal is and then i can sell it or at least bring it to a junk yard and sell it for parts. hopefully it won't come to that.

my friends this will hopefully be the last blog for a while about car dealings. i hope you are as happy as i am!

in my appriciation of my mechanic i must now go to the store and buy something to bake.

so i did a search on you tube for the ford aspire.... i promise i won't do this.

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August 17, 2006

b-day fun!

i had a pretty sweet bday. we went bowling.

it was such a good time! friends new and old came out... really what more could a girl ask for?

even GVSU alumn. me doing a really horrible westside? ... i don't even know.

north carolina workers, unite!

group of hollywood, unite!

& for you that know this fellow... yes, it is true he is no longer NYC, he is all LA. haha.

& to nick's mom who is reading my blog-a log-log :)
him and linnea are alive and kickin!
[for his b-day all of us went and saw mates of state at amoeba music. he was pretty happy!]

i really love my friends out here! ...but the bonds of GR will always be bringing me back!

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August 11, 2006

the end is near

so in the chronicles of my car problems- that for one i am SICK of talking about. the end is near for my car...

things that have happened this week:
car turning off occasionally when stopped at stop lights, stop signs, etc.
car being fixed... new struts and spring. it is on all fours now!!!
new drivers side mirror

things were going great for the previous 2 days after getting it fixed. no car turning off. i thought i was in the clear.

things that happened TODAY
someone whacked off my new driver's side mirror AGAIN.
car barely making it home.... turned off about 5 times at various stopping points. i was praying all the way home that there was going to be no stopped traffic on the freeway or else i would have been making the traffic jam.

i don't know what to do. since i just got my car semi-fixed i can't really afford to do anything until next month to get it fixed.

i tried to look into the show pimp my ride. haha. but you can only be between the ages of 18-22.... rediculous!

my friends, it's time to improvise & think about bowling tomorrow night for the celebration of my b-day!

yes, that is what i am excited about.

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August 7, 2006

veg or not to veg... that is the question.

so after 2 years of being a vegetarian... i think i'm ready to jump into eating chicken. i don't know if i can do burgers... but chicken seems reasonable.

i don't know though. i'm still debating & yet have taken that step to see if even chicken will agree with me.

i don't know if i can actually do it though. i like my leafy greens... hmmm.

we will see.

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August 5, 2006

it's been a while where i've just taken the video camera and randomly filmed stuff.

i miss that.

i always usually have to make stuff look professional and it's just fun to bring the camera out and goof around. last night linnea had to work late so me and nick took her camera and just randomly filmed some things. maybe one day i'll post it on here!

our lease is up soon so today we are starting to look over on the east side for condos. they are all about buying... so whatever. eastside is cheaper from what i hear! but unless it's the deal of the century... we probably won't move. but who knows... los feliz, silver lake, griffith park area.... here we come!?

perhaps or maybe not.

edit:: i really like the silverlake area! i do i do. we just drove around for a while... we stopped at an open house and if we have 9 people living there we could afford it. haha. the thing about it is that no one wants to leave these areas. so it'll be a bit tricky to find a place.

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August 2, 2006

right now & all over the place

right now i want to go to a dive bar and see an old friend. however, it's kinda far away yet at the same time i am not even ready to go to sleep yet. but on the other hand i should wait until my car part comes in the next days and not risk driving my car since it still kinda worries me about my frame falling off!

but in other news i tried a step class. it was hilarious. everyone knew what htey were doing except me.... i will conquer it though or maybe i should just stick to my running.

nah... i'll show them who's boss! muhahaha.

on another note...

i went and saw little miss sunshine last friday. it was good and opening night they were giving free t-shirts! the perks of seeing a movie in a local theatre in LA. it was a pretty good movie... i didn't even see a trailer for it. & when i got home ebert said it was a crowd pleaser... and it was. the girl that played olive in the movie was abigail breslin... she was in the film i worked on last fall. but i'm wondering when it was filmed...... summer 2005? hmmmmmmm.

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August 1, 2006

today's special

when i was a kid i LOVED this show. when i found it on you tube i was thrilled!

i gotta start thinking back to some of my favorite shows when i was kid and see if i can find them.

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