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August 5, 2006

it's been a while where i've just taken the video camera and randomly filmed stuff.

i miss that.

i always usually have to make stuff look professional and it's just fun to bring the camera out and goof around. last night linnea had to work late so me and nick took her camera and just randomly filmed some things. maybe one day i'll post it on here!

our lease is up soon so today we are starting to look over on the east side for condos. they are all about buying... so whatever. eastside is cheaper from what i hear! but unless it's the deal of the century... we probably won't move. but who knows... los feliz, silver lake, griffith park area.... here we come!?

perhaps or maybe not.

edit:: i really like the silverlake area! i do i do. we just drove around for a while... we stopped at an open house and if we have 9 people living there we could afford it. haha. the thing about it is that no one wants to leave these areas. so it'll be a bit tricky to find a place.

Posted by jennifer at August 5, 2006 1:57 PM


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