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September 17, 2006

rope burn.

i went to the mountains for a retreat this weekend... we had a bonfire lastnight and after roasting a marshmallow i saw some swinging in the distance. what was it? it was a rope swing! it was pretty sweet. it was high up on a platform where you swing over rocks and even the parking lot down the hill. people were doing it and i thought... "man, that looks easy." so i got in line with two of my friends and we waited in anticipation. jeff rocked it. raquel was a little nervous... i told her, "you got this one." i was cheering everyone on. she conquered it.

it was my turn to step up to the plate. like i said... it looked pretty simple. picture tarzan for instance - swinging through the trees holding on to the top of the rope. this rope swing was a little safer where you slipped one foot into the bottom loop, had two loops to put around your wrists while you grasp onto the rope. the main directions when leaving the platform were pretty much step like you were climbing up a ladder and pull the rope close to you and swinggggg. yes, easy for some.... but not ME.

i got up to the platform... did all those things. i guess my excuse [or other people's excuses for me] was a lot of people were telling me what to do and i guess i lost my concentration. MAYBE i hesitated or just got a little nervous and DIDN'T step into it. i pulled the rope down which then made my foot NOT go in the loop. so i held on tight and was swinging in the air. swinging in the air really felt good! it did. once i was a little closer to the ground i scraped over the rocks and thought hey that wasn't so bad. but a few friends ran to my rescue to stop me so i wouldn't swing out again.

i have no idea what i looked like. but i'm sure it was pretty ridiculous and perhaps a little like an uncoordinated tarzan swinging from the trees.

was this my blunder of the week?? i think so.

i got some rope burn on my hands and some scrapes on my feet... but hey it was worth it!

after thinking about it today... if i was on a reality television show say, one of those shows where they bring all the real worlders together to compete - i can just imagine some of my friends dialogue or at least mockumentary commentary.

haha. i wish i had some video or at least a picture.

edit: i guess i could have fallen 30 feet and broken something or been in the hospital. WOAH!

Posted by jennifer at September 17, 2006 8:06 PM


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