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October 12, 2006

farmer's market.

so i'm pretty much in love with farmer's markets...

the company i've been working for moved offices last week to santa monica. it's great for me because it's closer to where i live and on my very first day at the new office i discovered wednesdays are farmer's market days! woo. in order to take part of this new discovery and since i hadn't eaten breakfast.. i bought a muffin. it was great!

well this week came and i needed to get some lunch... where did i go!? the farmer's market but of course. i got a vegetarian tostada. good stuff.

there's another farmer's market kinda close to my apartment so today i had a new goal.... APPLE CIDER! with being fall and all i had to find some, somewhere.

these were my purchases today....

and the honey for some tea since my roommate mentioned we were out today.

i may not have any apple orchards around, but i have farmer's markets!

first cup.

doesn't pack the punch of MI cider though.

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