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November 26, 2006

can't sleep

so after four lovely days off... tomorrow it's mon-day. which is fine, but there is one problem that i always seem to get myself into.... my sleep pattern changes! my staying up late and enjoying catching parts of conan must stop. so tonight i tried going to bed at a decent time like 1030ish.... but couldn't fall asleep at all. it seemed like forever, but when i came back into the living room the clock said 1130!? i thought many hours had passed.

there goes my attempt to 'get out of bed' early tomorrow. hmmmmm.

overall i had a really great break with thanksgiving at my friend carolyn's house (not car-oh-lyn a different one.) where we all made a dish with all the traditional stuff. i baked an apple and pumpkin pie! they turned out great. what else did i do? i lazed around watching movies, got back into my workout routine, and thought about how weird the holiday's are out here with no chill in the air and no snow... it doesn't even seem like it was thanksgiving and even stranger that christmas is coming next? the only thing that hints at it are the tv commercials and a few christmas lights that are here and there. la fakes christmas time in a sense. get me to some chill and snow and i will be good.

but really everything is great and i am still going to write up about my neighborhood really soon. swear! have a good night or (good day) whenever you read this!

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November 13, 2006

dear matt & ben,

dear matt & ben,

recently, i've remembered that GOOD WILL HUNTING was a pretty good film. about a week a go I had a little time and watched it again. now maybe a little older and wiser my question to you both is WHY don't you get over being huge superstars and maybe write another script together?

[maybe you already have and i am out of the loop on a few things.]

but GOOD WILL HUNTING was freaken brilliant. the music, the dialogue, etc etc etc.... i am just a little upset that nothing has come since 1997.

please just get over whatever you need to get over (yourselves) and just write TOGETHER. not separately. i just looked at imdb to know what's going on in your worlds.... but the key word is TOGETHER.

prove everyone wrong and write something together again. granted it may not be the best... but at least it's something.




just write.

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