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December 30, 2006


so i'm on a layover in chicago.

can i first say.... it's pretty amazing to OWN a lap top. pretty sweet.

it's lame that you have to pay to use wireless here. i almost didn't do it, but my flight is delayed.

i'm hoping the flight is overbooked and i can fly tomorrow. my sister is in chicago for the night/new years and it would be fun to be in chicago for the night!

madison-detroit- and possibly chicago!

i'm not holding my breath though...

maybe i can befriend someone that has a card reader so i can upload my digital pics. hmmmmm.

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the last week.

moments and timing in life are huge. so huge.

right now i am so HAPPY being home. it's such a good, good feeling. going to nest was the best. it makes me want to move back to GR right now and hearing about all the great stuff that is going on.... oye. how i wish to be back.

but at the same moment i know i am such in a great spot in life in cali only living there for 8 or 9 months.

i wish i could be doing what i'm doing there - here in GR.

hopefully one day i will be.

i'm just so happy and thankful for everyone in my life.... my friends & family here and in LA.

being back home makes me want to travel more too... but more domestic like traveling up north to oregon and northern cali. i love life and hope i get to experience it for a while.

try to make the best where you live. so it can be the best..... truly really.

so that was my sentimental self a few days ago.

now i am awaiting my flight. man, what a great last night in town. it was so much fun.

a friend's brother is on the same flight as me all the way to la too (i think). so that's pretty cool...

see you all next time i am in town. or better yet - come visit!!!

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December 26, 2006

merry day after

merry day after christmas everyone. right now it's about 1am central time 2am eastern and i cannot sleep. it's been good being home the past days. i finally am feeling better and do not have a cold that i caught one day before coming home.

the day/night of zach & kellie's wedding was really enjoyable. i'm really happy for them both!

i had a good time going to battle creek to visit some family and now i am in wisconsin visiting more family. tomorrow it's shopping - something i dread... but i guess it has to be done. errrrr. audrey i plan on coming to detroit still on thursday...i hope you will be free? i have seemed to lost my cell phone - i hope it's on the bottom of car, somewhere.

this break is going by way toooo fast... can i please have another week off? seriously.

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December 12, 2006

fresh food woes

so i have a problem, a fresh food problem. i love my veggies... i ATTEMPT to buy fresh food at the store, but then my roommates draw me to the attention of this...

my 4 opened bags of carrots that are left in the fridge.

it's really hard for me to cook now-a-days with my work schedule... today i left at 9am and got home at 10pm.... then i don't really have any ambition to try to prepare anything.

if i bring anything for lunch usually it's a can of soup. i should just make a huge pot of soup... and rotate soups each week. maybe that's what i should do.

one thing is for sure you gotta love the grocery ambition of the attempt to buy new carrots and/or other veggies.

for now when 7pm comes around and i have my hunger pain... i will continue to order something from the local thai place.... which mind you is pretty healthy.

one day the food i buy that is in the fridge will be eaten and not forgotten about. maybe i should make a list on the fridge so i don't forget what i buy.... or try to wake up earlier than i do i actually have time to prepare something.

anyways... now the goal is not to buy any more food until i get home after the holidays. oh the holidays! i can't wait to come home.

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December 8, 2006

water color

so tonight after getting dinner with my roommates parents that were in town visiting... i was mesmerized by this book and instantly needed to buy it!

i found it at urban outfitters...yes, i do admit i found it there. it would have been so much cooler to find it somewhere else... but nonetheless i get a kick out of it. i was going to try to save it and give it as a present for christmas to someone, but my roommates made the point... who could appreciate this more than you? and i couldn't stop myself from wanting to paint... it's hilarious!

some of the other pages include let's paint vanilla ice, jesse ventura, cloned sheep, the elian gonzalez ocean adventure maze, Y2K Codebreaker Challenge... and so much more!

it's worth the buy folks...seriously, you won't be let down.

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December 7, 2006


so to begin with my blogging about this city and neighborhood i live in i will start with common sayings that i hear all the time.... and even catch myself saying.

#1: "thank you so much."
#2: "yeah-yeah-yeah" repeated really fast.

"thank you so much" is constantly heard over the phone especially when talking to assistants... i don't know what it is, but i can see why people say it... cause sometimes thank you just isn't enough. you really want to be appreciative of what they are doing or saying. so i've tried to switch it up a little and say, "thanks a ton."

and i can't seem to stop my "yeah, yeah, yeahs." that's just something i'm going to have to live with for a while.

i know there must be other things that are said and i've slowly picked up on. but that's all i can think of for this moment.

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December 6, 2006

the 'burbs

i love the movie the burbs.... i can't seem really to find many that do. is there anyone else out there at was entertained by this comedy!? i haven't seen it in such a long time and finally it came up in my queue on netflix.

next i need to watch flight of the navigator.

for some reason i really wanted to blog about this movie... and i felt i had more to say. but it's late and i need sleep!

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December 3, 2006

sing a song

i am super excited I'm going to be performing in a Holiday Choir! i wasn't going to do it, but after a simple "you should do it!" from a friend there was no stopping me.

being in LA I've really been discovering more about the things I love to do or I guess have forgotten about.... or things that weren't available in HS because they didn't offer choir when moving in 8th grade. well anyways, now i'm going back to my roots of middle/elementary school. i really like to sing… but i don't have a solo voice or anything like that. i can sing on key (usually) with my altoish voice.

i remember my days in Superior Singers. it was great... traveling around the U.P. (Upper Peninsula) and singing at various places like in Marquette and even our fantastic moment of getting on CBS's morning show...singing the theme song wearing our bright neon t-shirts. hahahaha.

we had our first practice the other night. man, do i need to improve. it's bringing me way back. i need to find a piano this week so i can play my part so i know what i'm doing. it's an adventure for sure!

part of me is kinda glad that i did take a break in HS from my singing days or else i wouldn't have found my love of video production... but another part is like... hmmmmm maybe i should of seeked it out or something.

i tried my hardest get my mom or sister to find a choir picture of me but no go.

anyways...those were the days...

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