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December 12, 2006

fresh food woes

so i have a problem, a fresh food problem. i love my veggies... i ATTEMPT to buy fresh food at the store, but then my roommates draw me to the attention of this...

my 4 opened bags of carrots that are left in the fridge.

it's really hard for me to cook now-a-days with my work schedule... today i left at 9am and got home at 10pm.... then i don't really have any ambition to try to prepare anything.

if i bring anything for lunch usually it's a can of soup. i should just make a huge pot of soup... and rotate soups each week. maybe that's what i should do.

one thing is for sure you gotta love the grocery ambition of the attempt to buy new carrots and/or other veggies.

for now when 7pm comes around and i have my hunger pain... i will continue to order something from the local thai place.... which mind you is pretty healthy.

one day the food i buy that is in the fridge will be eaten and not forgotten about. maybe i should make a list on the fridge so i don't forget what i buy.... or try to wake up earlier than i do i actually have time to prepare something.

anyways... now the goal is not to buy any more food until i get home after the holidays. oh the holidays! i can't wait to come home.

Posted by jennifer at December 12, 2006 2:05 AM


Man, I do the exact same thing. I thin kI only have two in the fride right now. I think they package them with an odd amount. Not quite enough for three days of good snacking at work, but more than enough for two.

I'm switching to french fries!

Posted by: Anthony at December 12, 2006 11:00 PM

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