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December 3, 2006

sing a song

i am super excited I'm going to be performing in a Holiday Choir! i wasn't going to do it, but after a simple "you should do it!" from a friend there was no stopping me.

being in LA I've really been discovering more about the things I love to do or I guess have forgotten about.... or things that weren't available in HS because they didn't offer choir when moving in 8th grade. well anyways, now i'm going back to my roots of middle/elementary school. i really like to sing… but i don't have a solo voice or anything like that. i can sing on key (usually) with my altoish voice.

i remember my days in Superior Singers. it was great... traveling around the U.P. (Upper Peninsula) and singing at various places like in Marquette and even our fantastic moment of getting on CBS's morning show...singing the theme song wearing our bright neon t-shirts. hahahaha.

we had our first practice the other night. man, do i need to improve. it's bringing me way back. i need to find a piano this week so i can play my part so i know what i'm doing. it's an adventure for sure!

part of me is kinda glad that i did take a break in HS from my singing days or else i wouldn't have found my love of video production... but another part is like... hmmmmm maybe i should of seeked it out or something.

i tried my hardest get my mom or sister to find a choir picture of me but no go.

anyways...those were the days...

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