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January 22, 2007

is it snow?

so yes, you may have heard that cali has been a bit chilly. my roommates have dogs... so they walk around the neighborhood quite frequently. one day one of them came back and said there was snow on the ground.

really? i said.

deep down i knew this was not right. didn't believe it.... i would have to see it with my own eyes.... yes! i am finally getting around to writing about my backyard, my turf the westside of los angeles - westwood also known for the TINY school of UCLA.

anyways... on my walk around the neighborhood last week i brought my camera with and my first intent was to determine: is it snow?

it looks like snow... but is it?

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January 6, 2007

dance dance!

so another part of my new years resolutions is to see more shows. it's really hard for me to go to shows out here.

1. i dislike how i don't really have anyone out here in LA that likes the same music as me... thus finding someone to go to shows is a little more difficult. and i'm not the best persuader.
2. i need to get out of the little world i put myself in. as my friend meghan says, gotta PYOT. [put yourself out there] haha.

so i arrived last night around 830ish to the space. and at first i couldn't find it... cause the door was locked. finally i walked around the neighborhood and ended up at a gelato place. there were a few people in line and i asked them - where is the il corral? the first person had no idea. the second, "...the show doesn't start until 10." since i was by myself and didn't want to wait around by myself for a hour and a half i ate my ice cream with john and matt - two dudes i met and became friends for the night. we walked around the neighborhood found la city college and then saw an arcade in the distance. it looked kinda sketchy on the outside so we had no idea what we were getting into. it was legit!

we walked around and there were tonssss of games. and then i saw it and instantly knew i had to play it..... what you ask!?

i have never played and thought... now is my chance!

i was pretty horrible. overall i scored an E in dance dance revolution EXTREME terms. but it was fun to play!

we made it to the show and it was great! i had so much fun! yacht, lucky dragons, high places, and bobby birdman played. nights like these i'm really happy to be here in lala land!

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January 4, 2007

old habits

old habits are hard to break.
-my messy messy room that i don't seem to have enough time to clean.
-my wanting to wake up early.... but facing the fact i am not a morning person.

maybe these should be my new years resolutions.

also maybe not working so much.
or be a little bit healthier than the previous 2 months.
so i guess the overarching idea is.... trying to get into routines and being disciplined about things.

hmmmm. so many things to try to change.... but sometimes you just gotta realize those dvd/vhs tapes/purse/gr magazine you owe people aren't gonna get sent. because you forget about them the next day.


they are in the mail.


i promise.

....ok, ok well that may not be entirely true just yet.

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January 1, 2007

pics from home

i was happy to find out that the receiver i gave steph made it to nest!

(i hope i'm right on this one... it looks like the one i gave her. correct me if i'm wrong.)


and the oberon i packed in my suitcase made it back in one piece... i couldn't believe it. my roommates were happy.

good times.

happy new year.

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