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February 7, 2007

woe to taxes

i'm slowly dying a meager death thinking about taxes right now. from all my tax documents i've worked at 8 different places. and now i'm flipping out because i can't remember whether or not i substitute taught in GR for 2006. i am calming down after the initial thought of... "that w2 is sitting on the porch at my old westside apartment with all the other old junk mail we used to get"

but now looking back searching all my blog entries... i'm pretty sure that i didn't sub in 06 and after the logical, "just give them a call" from my roommate, i probably will do just that.

this is the first year i'm going to have have to do taxes on my own. one of my friends is a CPA and she offered to some of her friends to do our taxes if it's not complicated. i have a feeling mine already are.

half of the year has been freelance... half of the year has been normal taxes taken out. i hope it evens out so nothing is owed. geez, do i.

seriously, GVSU offer a freelance class to teach filmmakers how to actually freelance... how to deduct, business crap - that's one thing i wish i would have learned back then.

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