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March 30, 2007

the hills are on fire!

so right now i'm at work... and not too far you can see smoke! the hollywood hills are on fire.

i wish i had my digital camera to explain how kinda crazy this all is.

i did find this though...


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March 29, 2007

from the left coast w/ love.

so i've been wanting to write this post for a couple days, but really haven't had the time. last sunday it was my 1 year anniversary in LA! it's strange to know that it's been a year... so much has happened during the time. and knowing where i am today compared to last year is also crazy to look back on.

the people that i've met. the things that i have learned...

i have to admit i feel pretty adjusted out here. however, there's always the michigan factor that comes into play for the love of g-rap and i won't be back until the summer! erg.

my life as of right now.

-working 3 jobs.
-holding true to seeing more music in this town.
-realizing that long beach isn't so far away afterall.
-walks around my neighborhood.
-getting excited about projects that people are motivated to do.
-seeing new and old friends.

well that's all for now. i am still surviving in this land of sun, traffic, and smog.

...oh LA it's a love/hate thing & it always will be.

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March 13, 2007

the best of me.

so my horrible never-throwing-away-papers-habit finally got the best of me tonight. last week i had friends over so i kinda cleaned my room... except dealing with my paper situation. i have a horrible nack for never throwing away papers... i don't know what it is. but i feel like i will need them in the end... and i never go through my junk mail when i receive it because it's pretty much a hassle/no time to do it.

anyways... tonight was the ira glass/this american life tour... and since cleaning my room KINDA forgot about where i put the tickets. i was late getting out of work...thus making me late to get to my house to meet up with my friends. so i didn't have time to search properly....thus making even a bigger mess with my papers. with a little help we finally found the tickets at 745pm - the show began at 8pm.

we got to UCLA and parking was insane! the parking there is so weird... there are parking lots... but no way to get to a 2nd level and you have to go up hills to only find out that that lot is full......

we were REALLY late & not so happy.

we finally parked and ran like the wind to get there. it was a good night... they mainly talked about TAL going to television and Ok Go played.

once we were finally sitting in our seats it was all ok and the show was enjoyed! it was great to see sarah vowell live along with the other authors... and ira of course!

i bought a t-shirt. couldn't help myself. it's all going to a good cause...

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March 6, 2007


i haven't seen car-oh-lyn for a few months so i made the trek down to long beach to celebrate!

look what i got?

almost time to light those candles

blowing out the candles

the big 2-5. happy birthday!

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March 3, 2007


it's been a while since i've updated so i thought i should write something.

usually friday nights i seem to stay home. my routine is to go to trader joe's & go grocery shopping, come home cook, and relax since i have to work in the late morn on saturday. kinda lame, but i really enjoy going grocery shopping at night after i get out of work... it kinda relaxes me.

this morning i woke up at 610am... WEIRD for me. i finally woke up around 710... me wake up so early? i don't know. this has never happened to me before. is this a new routine? more than likely not... but who knows? i'll keep ya posted on the sleep patterns of j.f.

things are going alright here. it was a kinda stressful day overall, but hey you deal with it. you must enjoy the nights where you drink a glass of wine with your roommates and watch lost...

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