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April 27, 2007

displace me

i really feel that i haven't taken action on many things lately. like stuff with africa... etc etc or things i've really cared about like the environment. so i've decided to join a couple of my friends to do displace me on saturday night.

go here if you want more information: http://www.invisiblechildren.com/displaceMe/

and now my cynicism is coming into play. will this actually help what is going on uganda? i am kinda turned off by a couple of their videos ...to really be honest. putting x's on painted t-shirts? sometimes i just hate the marketing that comes into play. yeah, we are trying to help... but what action would the US actually take to help Uganda? ...what's in it for the US? ...should the US even take action and if so what would that even look like?

i can't even imagine what it's like for them there... dealing with war for 21 years.

this will be a good thing i think for me to do this. i hope that this movement will help the situation and my cynicism will stop.

and i must remember....
africa is such a beautiful place. there is such a hope!

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April 19, 2007

the joy of the day

my roommate connecting the speakers so we can play music off of our computers!


it is a good day.

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April 17, 2007

gma & me!

yes, i took an extended weekend to visit my gma in tennessee! man it was a well deserved break from LA. i seriously for the past couple days have been just relaxing on the couch and have been slightly memorized by the television and listening to my grandma's stories.

gma & me

yesterday i went on a really long walk in the hills and then visited a mennonite store and bought a bunch of spices to bring back to la! so cheap. everything is in bulk there.

i forgot my powercord... so i must wrap up this post. i did buy dave eggers new book today... pretty excited to read it. i have about a 4 hour flight back i think i can make a pretty good dent in it.

what is what?

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