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May 21, 2007

they call it santa barbara

what a fun weekend!

went to the short stop in east la... where team dress played some pool.

we hit some traffic coming outta la. not so cool.

but it was worth it when we hit the mountains!

and on to knapp's castle....

my baby car was a machine climbing up the sides and winding winding roads!

we then headed over to the painted cave....

after our national forest/mountain afternoon we headed to downtown santa barbara.

where we ran into this awesome man on a unicycle! i was going to take carolyn's picture, but a movie was taken instead....

after some delicious sushi we met up w/ these guys! i received word a few days ago that they were going to be down my way... how could i pass up this opportunity to see leslie & paul!?

we went on a hunt for candy and showed us the stereotypical college town.

picture what you think of college and california and wha-la there you have it! any movie you've ever seen about ca and college could be wrapped up into this town. it was hilarious!

carolyn busted a move....

and good music was had near the end of the night...

even got leslie to sing barberella!

ah yes. good michigander times over the weekend.

thank you carolyn for being the tour guide through these photos!

Posted by jennifer at May 21, 2007 3:45 AM


So jealous. Looks like you had fun! I saw Deanna Morse, Kim Roberts and Melissa Bowman over the weekend (Melissa just got a job at JibJab.com)

Posted by: Dan at May 23, 2007 9:00 PM

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