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June 23, 2007

a quick update...

haven't had time to update this thing.

but i've been moved over to the 2nd unit to shoot the establishing shots for the movie.... which is pretty awesome!

the light was perfect yesterday evening and we found the perfect location to shoot.

last night i got to:
-climb on trains.
-film random chickens and pigs.
-visit the old/broken down industrial area

this was taken on a cell phone... just imagine what it looks like on a nice camera!

one of the people i work with...pete on top of a train! i really need to upload my photos.

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June 11, 2007

my hotel

[[preface: well i wanted to update, but it's been pretty pretty busy. we start shooting tomorrow.... it's exciting.

so here's an entry that is kinda partial... didn't put as much time into it as i'd like... but you'll get the picture. we move out tomorrow and it's on to the RV!]]]

for the past week and a half we have been staying at the econo lodge. from the first moment i knew this place was special. you could positively write a whole movie script here.... the people here are definitely (as my boss puts it) unsavory characters.

one episode that was witnessed includes....

a hotel door room wide open. a bunch of men drinking beer with a priest watching the spelling bee..... unusual? i think so.

so a couple nights ago we decided to check out the reviews of this place....

"the soles of our shoes stuck to the bathroom floor when we walked in it...."

"We didn't even stay the night because the place is absolutely filthy and smells like urine mixed with stale smoke. "

"Would never recommend this even to my enemies."

"I would sleep on the streets of K.C. before I ever stayed at this dump again."

it IS an interesting place. i think the little debbie cakes as the continental breakfast is maybe the best part...haha.

goodtimes in KC. now i must get back to work... 6am is coming fast.

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