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August 28, 2007

my day in the SB - wilco!

dang! what a day. i went to santa barbara at the bowl to see wilco play since the greek was sold out. it was a lot of fun. i went with my friends karen & ben and met up with a few peoples later in the night. we played some pool walked around the SB. good times!

seriously. ok, so i was thinking about it. the last time i saw a band that totally made me smile & was blown away was maybe when i saw at the daac the akron family. wilco did this for me! maybe it's because i know so many songs & could hum or sing the entire concert. i don't know. maybe it was when all the people were rushing down to make it more of a "show" or just the music & the good times they were having on stage.

(i am totally being a fan right now. ah. yes... fans can't live without them right?)

we went out for pizza afterwards it was good until i hit the 3rd piece. i have NEVER had such a horrible stomache ache in along time. i guess i'll have to take a break from the deep dish...

but in other NEWS... there's a lunar eclipse tonight. i don't think i'm going to sleep. i've slightly procrastinated on a data entry gig & now that i hear there's an eclipse. SHOOT! who needs sleep?? ...i guess me, but eh i can take a nap after work tomorrow....right?

we watched a meteor shower 2 weeks ago. i've just really have been enjoying my time here. that night was so much fun... i don't have nights like that very much - just hanging out with friends in the mountains on the side of the road watching the sky. people get so caught up in work here at times...even me. it's refreshing to do stuff like that.

good stuff - really really good stuff.

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August 24, 2007

it's official!

it’s official!!

i got word today that i got accepted into the world race. i’ll be traveling starting in jan 08 to 11 different countries in 11 months w/ the mission’s organization that i worked with when i went to africa a few years back.

i have to raise a ton of money, but it can and will be done! i’ll also be doing some documentary work so it’s all related to things I love to do – help people, learn, film, and do a little travel on the side. we’ll be doing different outreach stuff depending on the need in that country so i couldn’t be more excited!

but right now i need to decide if i will be moving back home at the end of september or working out here until probably around thanksgiving time… a little clarity is needed!

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sunday i...

get to go watch wilco play some tunes! i've always wanted to see them live... now i do! :)

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August 21, 2007

baby blues bbq

ah yes. it was my roommate nick's bday last week thursday. after a cup of coffee in the afternoon, which made me jittery allllll day. p.s. i recommend don't drink coffee if you never drink coffee.


alright anyways... i have NEVER eaten such good bbq food in my LIFE. it was so GOOD! we went to baby blues bbq in venice, ca!

nick & linnea got the sampler plate.

i got a fixin's plate...
AWESOME corn on the cobb, the BEST mac & cheese, the BEST tomatoes, AMAZING cornbread & 2 shrimp. i have never been so stuffed in my life. i know where i must take anyone that comes out here for a visit now... this place is the best! 5 gold stars all around.

food coma.

good stuff.

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August 12, 2007

pretty good weekend

it twas my bday! so i celebrated. it was an eventful weekend.

dancing was done.
a picnic was had.
a walk down by the pier/beach was accomplished.
karaoke (surprisingly) was even sung!
i think i might have found my new favorite whole in the wall bar.
and tonight maybe a meteor shower will be watched?

but it's always weird bringing friends together who don't know each other that well....

but the water balloon toss was the best part.... oh and maybe the pinata... or maybe the dancing... or maybe the karaoke.

ok a pretty good weekend indeed!

look to my backup dancers to the right!

but to add a little suspense.... dun dun dun. i left karaoke and my car wouldn't turn over. i finally got it to start...erk i hope it's just the battery. i can fix that.

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August 8, 2007

today i

cut down a banana tree!

now that's something i can add to my resume.

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August 7, 2007

points in life

i'm at a strange point in life right now. i got laid off from my job due to my boss getting horribly sick the last week of production and now i'm trying to figure out what i should do next.

i've turned down a couple job offers because i realized through the help of a few friends that i've just been burnt out / really tired. so i'm trying to enjoy this time off. i working a part time job and very thankful for it cause dem billzzzzz need to get paid. and also i've also been trying to find a new place to live.

so i've decided to lay off craigslist and see what's to come. i'm really torn between the traditional route of getting a job in the industry that could potentially give me some good benefits and really just wanting to take a break from everything. i am extremely jealous (in a good way) of everyone who has been traveling this summer from george to my roommates 2 friends that just pulled into town last night. i think there might be an opportunity at the end of september to do a mini road trip so that'll fill my appetite for a while.

right now i'll just wait patently until the next opportunity comes. i'll be alright and i've been saying no to a lot of things lately. hopefully a yes will come soon...

maybe during this time i should take up a new hobby... spelunking anybody??

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