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August 7, 2007

points in life

i'm at a strange point in life right now. i got laid off from my job due to my boss getting horribly sick the last week of production and now i'm trying to figure out what i should do next.

i've turned down a couple job offers because i realized through the help of a few friends that i've just been burnt out / really tired. so i'm trying to enjoy this time off. i working a part time job and very thankful for it cause dem billzzzzz need to get paid. and also i've also been trying to find a new place to live.

so i've decided to lay off craigslist and see what's to come. i'm really torn between the traditional route of getting a job in the industry that could potentially give me some good benefits and really just wanting to take a break from everything. i am extremely jealous (in a good way) of everyone who has been traveling this summer from george to my roommates 2 friends that just pulled into town last night. i think there might be an opportunity at the end of september to do a mini road trip so that'll fill my appetite for a while.

right now i'll just wait patently until the next opportunity comes. i'll be alright and i've been saying no to a lot of things lately. hopefully a yes will come soon...

maybe during this time i should take up a new hobby... spelunking anybody??

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