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September 16, 2007

home sweet home.

so i'm really enjoy being home. the past couple days i've been a little bit ancy (sp?) and wanting to go out and do things, but tonight i realized i'm really not gonna have a home for a while... which i think is kinda sad and exciting all at the same time. moving back to michigan in a few months to my parents house is home, but it's not really home at the same time - ya know what i mean? anyways i baked a cake tonight, drank some beer, and watched a movie. it was good. i'm moving out all my stuff by the end of this week so i can just have my clothes and blow up mattress for when i move to pasadena at the top of october.

i know it seems like i've always been on the move, but normalcy is really good.

i really like california right now - it's been home for a over a year and a half. i've met some really amazing friends out here.

Posted by jennifer at September 16, 2007 2:59 AM


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