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October 26, 2007

skating & me w/ a hint of spike jonze.

so last saturday was quite the day.

i was on an adventure to shareen's vintage in the warehouse district in los angeles to find some sweet on sale vintage dresses. as i was stepping outside of my car i looked over to my right... and was impressed. a skate video was being shot! i had never witnessed a skate video being shot before especially using 35mm equipment. i freaked out! but then didn't really think much of it as i wanted to get the deals in the store.

as i was checking out i over heard the owner of the store saying that another lady was a documentary filmmaker. it's really not every day that you meet other female documentary filmmakers. one was doing a documentary about autism and the other did a skate documentary called "stoked: the rise & fall of gator". i talked all of them for a bit explaining what i was going to be doing this coming year w/ the outreaches & stuff. i then remembered that the owner of the store does art shows and talked to her about what i was doing. we exchanged numbers and whatnot to see if she would be able to help me out at all with anything.

that was awesome! i was so excited and on cloud 9 w/ the $3 dresses i purchased and meeting fellow documentary filmmakers... and the possible rebirth of The Jenefit: A benefit for relief work aboard. i have been thinking about it for weeks how amazing it would be to put together a skate, music, & art show, but really didn't have the courage at the time to tell my friends that i really wanted to do it. yes, i've planned out music & art shows before, but to add skating into the mix... hmmmm.

so at this point i needed to go and watch what was happening out back.... more skating! so me and my two friends went out back and watched. [[lets preface this with... i had no idea what i was shooting at all. i know nothing about skating or that world in general. i can ride on a skateboard... but tricks and whatnot... not my forte at all.]]

so i took pictures of what was happening...

then i got this crazy idea in my head.... man this is an AWESOME location. it's huge, concrete, and would be pretty sweet for a benefit concert! i saw the security guard walk outside of the fence and starting talking t him. i pretty much asked him if he knew who owned the property & whatnot. he was really helpful and gave me some numbers to call at city hall and whatnot.

i was so excited! this really gave me the encouragement to pursue "the jenefit".... right now i'm working on everything & trying to get it all put together. i got the name of the property management company that owns it and putting it together in a very small proposal. i know there are so many odds against me right now since this is in LA... but man i'm gonna try and/or have a backup location if this one doesn't work.

so i went back on monday with a friend of mine to see what the location looks like with all the gear and everything moved out...

i then showed him my pictures that i took of the skate video that was being shot... and little did I know it was spike jonze shooting the new intro for a new skateboarding video for lakai called Fully Flared!!!

there's spike jonze is in the hat...

and also i had no idea of all the professional skateboarders that i took pictures of. one was eric kosten... i got that info from the skate kids that were standing around... and there were a ton of other skaters there that my friends down in long beach mentioned that were there from my pics. also i think one of them was mike carroll.

what a crazy day last saturday! i can't believe it. here's video that my friend karen took...

i then watched the documentary stoked on wed night... and man learned so much about the skateboarding industry. i had no idea everything behind it. it's really been a week of learning....

but this marks the beginning of birth of the jenefit in LA & the beginning of my trip around the world!!

i can't believe the week i've had.

Posted by jennifer at October 26, 2007 3:32 PM


Which one of the three out of four guys wearing hats in the picture is Spike Jones? Tee hee.

Posted by: Justin at October 26, 2007 6:07 PM

the one in the blue shirt! hah. didn't notice that.

Posted by: jen at October 27, 2007 2:02 PM


Isn't he supposed to be working on "where the wild things are?"

Posted by: cory weaver at October 29, 2007 11:36 AM

yeah, he is! i can't wait to see that movie once it comes out!

Posted by: jen at October 30, 2007 6:11 PM

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