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November 29, 2007

no rain


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November 18, 2007

The Jenefit - 2007

If you are in LA - hope you can make it! There will be a GR jenefit come mid-december. It'll be nice to be home!

i am so excited!!!!!

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November 1, 2007

this book is good... for a better earth!

so a good friend of mine gave me this book yesterday!

[i kinda got lazy so i used my photo booth to take the photo... that's why it's mirrored.]

it's a practical guide to shopping for everyday things... from the butter and margarine you use to frozen dinners to the bank you use. it's a grading scale from A to F and takes human rights to discrimination into play.

so lets take pizza... A: Amy's F: Stouffer's, Tombstone.

i seriously recommend this book! pick one up to today... it's the small choices we make that effect the whole. right? right.

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