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December 27, 2007

1st Country

So I will be traveling around doing relief work this next year. Peru will be the first country I will be going to. Here is some information about what I will be doing for our first month....

On August 15th in the early evening, a magnitude 8.0 earthquake struck in the region of Ica a coastal area about three hours south of Lima, Peru. Of all the places that incurred major damage, Tambo de Mora took a direct hit.

The government has decreed that Tambo de Mora will not be rebuilt. This is due to the city's proximity to the ocean. While some families have simply departed the ruins of Tambo de Mora, many families have lived here for generations and they have not left, nor do they intend to leave. In some cases the families were able to salvage some of their possessions. They were helped for about three months with provisions being provided to feeding centers and with tents and some temporary shelters.

Many individuals lost their employment as a result of the quake. The government has declared that the town can not be rebuilt, but no assistance has been provided or offered to help them relocate to date. The situation is truly desperate and for many, it will become more so as time goes on.

Also you can read about it here

For our first month we will be going to distribute rice, blankets, tear down, and clean up where ever the needs are greatest. I also hope to capture a few stories with video to post in the next month. We are just going to go love these people and definitely learn a ton in the process.

It's going to be a super intense year!

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December 19, 2007


oh yeah, i'm excited for the GR jenefit in my hometown!


hope to see you there. just going to be low key... it will be real good!

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December 16, 2007

back to the mitten

i keep wanting to write a blog about my last week in cali & my travels back to the mitten...

all i really can say right now is...

**karaoke was fun.

**spring rolls rock.

**oklahoma/missouri is really icy.

**try not to drive by yourself across country in an ice storm.

**& i'm glad my car made it back!


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December 3, 2007

wrapping it up.

so this week begins my LA wrap up week.

really - so many emotions going on right now. today i found out more information about the first place i will be going to, which is added into the mix as well. truthfully i'm really sad about going, but i know it will be good.

oh man.... ANYWAYS.

ok so the jenefit in venice, ca was a HUGE success. really... i was bummed that rained, which managed to cancel the skateboarding aspect of things, but the music was so awesome!!!

i really wanted to tell stories of how i got each of the bands there.... so i think i will on here.

first to open the jenefit was desi. i heard her play a few weeks ago in her house and thought man she has an amazing voice!!! i had to ask her.

desi on the left. (i forgot to take out my camera until midway through the show)

next was feedus who was a rock/raggae band. they were recommended to me by a supporter down in long beach and i thought rock/raggae why not!?

following feedus was rai! who would have ever thought after playing the GR jenefit like 3 years ago she would be playing a third jenefit in los angeles!? i was so happy to have her play!!!!!!!

after her was still watters run deep. i knew nate through a bunch of friends and thought why not!? add a little alt country into the mix. come to find out - it was there first show??! they did a fantastic job.

my friend ben invited me once to see a band that he thought i'd like. he was completely right and come to find out a bunch of my friends knew some of the members in the band. now called carney! i heard one night that zane was playing some jazz music at a club and i asked him to play and he got his sister paris to join him on stage to sing as well. amazing jazz music was played and sung... i cover the waterfront - need i say more??

at carolyn's bday party 2 years ago i met paul. little did i know he was in a band at the time.... then maybe a year later my friend jessica asked me to go see this band called the procession play and come to find out he was in that band. they were fantastic and one of my favorite LA bands (originally from detroit though!)!!!!

they played an AMAZING cover of free bird at the end of the night... so much energy in that guitar solo. WOW!!

since there was supposed to be skateboarding thrown into the mix i got a ton of skateboarding shops and companies to donate as well. awesome silent auction stuff was sold and raffled off....

i was so exhausted by the end of the night and still pretty tired today. i took a sweet 2 hour nap this afternoon.

but now it's time to sort through my stuff... get rid of a bunch of my stuff to goodwill etc etc etc etc. i will be living out of a 40 lb backpack this next year.

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