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March 27, 2008

highlights of the past month....slightly mega blog entry.

it´s been a while since i´ve updated. a lot has been going on! we finally departed peru and now we are in bolivia.

here are some highlights from peru....

we spent two weeks living on a docked barge on the amazon river... may i say that the mosquitos were horrific?! hahahha.

but one day the boat started to move! "TO THE HEADWATERS OF THE AMAZON RIVER!!!!" check out this video my friend rachel put together....

Oh Snap... The Houseboat is moving! from Rachel Hunt on Vimeo.

that day was awesome. i was so happy at 6am in the morning.....

there was a sloth!!!!!

i tried coconut straight from the source!!!

and i just walked around the small village we were at and played some jump rope with the kids. it was pretty sweet.

it started getting really humid and we had to be back at the boat at 11am.... when i arrived at the boat i saw people jumping off the second level into the AMAZON!

now don't worry.... we weren't in a part that had piranhas so we didn't have to worry about it. bombs away!

for those two weeks working with the kids of the neighborhood were our focus. it was awesome!

here´s a video my friend kim put together and i call it the "fan debacle"....

Covert Operation from Kim on Vimeo.

being in desert and then in amazon jungle land... when we were back in iquitos we found simple pleasures like cold cereal & milk with an episode of seinfeld to keep us entertained.


then... we worked in a village for the remaindeing two weeks.

meet robison. he's 13 years old and has been out of school for 3 years due to his horrible eye sight. he had surgery in december so he could see better.... however the next step after receiving the surgery was to get glasses. however, his family couldn't afford to get the bifocals he needed. we met the family about a week before school started and robison's vision was starting to reverse.

after doing a little research we knew this was something that we could help the family with. we then brought robison and his grandmother to the doctor's office so he could pick out his new bifocals.

it was wonderful to be able to help this family with something so simple as glasses that will help him down the long road!

our team with the whole family.

there was so much to write about these past month. but now we have started parterning with orphanages in bolivia and will be heading to the rainforest to help build more orphanages for two weeks....

hopefully this long long blog entry makes sense to you all! internet is being slow and i can´t really proof read... esta bien... right?

Posted by jennifer at March 27, 2008 5:31 PM


so fun Jenn! time is going so fast!

Posted by: stephanie at March 28, 2008 3:36 PM

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