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April 14, 2008

Workin' It in the Rainforest!

Part of our time here in Bolivia has been working with various orphanages around the Coachabomba area. We have been helping with the up keep and playing with the kids at each place. It's been awesome!

About 4 days ago we returned from the rainforest in Chapare. We spent a good 10 days helping to build an orphanage. I became an expert in varnishing, painting, and even tried my hand at using a machaete to mow the lawn.

Here are some pics from our experience.

this is where we slept.

we would work from about 9-5 each day.

some of my teammates cleaning the bricks.

where ever you go there are massive amounts of kids! one night i got literally dragged into the church to put together an impromptu Fiesta Con Dios. my friend kelton and i thought of random songs and games to play with the kids... we were both exhausted after working so much during the day, but to see the excitement on their faces was amazing!

me & rachel with some of the neighborhood kids.

the beginning of the staircase we built.

working on the lawn.

(gotta love my tubular socks! - haha!)

the orphanage almost complete!

the many roosters that were around to wake us up bright and early!

another sweet memory besides the games and songs night was when some girls asked me to play volleyball with them the next day. so 6 of us girls met up with the teenagers at their school... little did we know it was gonna be a FULL FLEDGED volleyball game.

Under the lights. Their coach was present. We shook hands. They used the whistle. They were all in their high school uniforms practicing on us for their championship game!

We were all laughing so hard... some of us were in our flip flops. It was Bolivia VS. The US World Race team...


I haven't been in a legit volleyball game since high school....

I wish I had pictures.... if we only knew how intense it was gonna be!

Needless to say.... Bolivia won! haha.

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