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May 29, 2008

Lucky the Lion ESCAPES!


So this past month we have been living and camping at a safari game park.It was quite the adventure!It was amazing going on walks in the morning and being able to see random zebras, giraffes, and ostriches.There was also though LUCKY THE LION!

One day he escaped.... Check out the video!

Lucky the Lion Escaped! from jen on Vimeo.

Also here is a video from our walks in the morning.They have an on site herpetologist (person that studies snakes and reptiles) and one morning we went nilemonitor (lizard) hunting.....

Safari Adventures! from jen on Vimeo.

Random fact: One of my favorite things about the race is meeting new people.I loved getting to know the workers of where we were staying.

Here are some other random pics.....

visiting the snake house and freaking out over the boa constrictor...

when lucky the lion was having a better day...

normal days included...

while eating our breakfast each morning we would watch barry the crocidile doing his thing he does best... chillin`

we would wake up each morning and randomly animals would be hanging outside of our tents...

Good times at the Safari place!

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May 26, 2008

Swaziland Video!

Hey g-radders!

I've been working in Swaziland this past month working with orphans affected by HIV/AIDS. Check out the video montage I've put together of my month so far. On Thursday we head to Mozambique!

Nsoko, Swaziland from jen on Vimeo.

sidenote***I've always disliked asking for money... especially on my g-rad blog. But if you like the work I'm doing please click here to donate. Thanks for your support!

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May 25, 2008

Nosoko, Swaziland

Hello hello hello from Swaziland, Africa!

So much has been going on these past 3 weeks that I've wanted to share, but have been without Internet access.

Now that we are in Africa our teams have split off into different parts of Southern Africa.Our first month lead us to Nosoko, Swaziland where we have been working with an organization called G42 (Generation 42). (Click on the link if you would like more info about the organization).

Swaziland is one of the most affected countries in Africa dealing with HIV/AIDS. 600,000 children have been orphaned, and 16,000 adults and children died from AIDS in 2006 alone.In order to help the next generation of Swazi's our contact in Nosoko has established 6 care points in this region of Swaziland where each day orphans come get fed and have a small school session where they learn basic Saswati and English.

Part of our ministry this month was that our team, (Japan aka Kaleo) started a database of all the kids at each of the care points.Our team would take photos of the kids and then take down their information about family background, their favorite subject at school etc etc.This is going to be used for people who would like to sponsor these children in the United States and else where so they can get proper education and food since many of them are without immediate family.

You always hear about what other organizations are doing like Compassion where you donate money each month for a child in Africa or another 3rd world country. It's awesome to actually see and meet the children who are going to be sponsored by people back in the states!

I really enjoyed this time with the kids because we had plenty of time to just play and love the kids each day.

Here are some photos:

(the team walking to the care point)

(she wasn't too happy... later she fell asleep in my arms)

Oh and in a couple days I will have some video!!!Stay tuned.....

p.s. some of my talented teammates took these photos.

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