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May 29, 2008

Lucky the Lion ESCAPES!


So this past month we have been living and camping at a safari game park.It was quite the adventure!It was amazing going on walks in the morning and being able to see random zebras, giraffes, and ostriches.There was also though LUCKY THE LION!

One day he escaped.... Check out the video!

Lucky the Lion Escaped! from jen on Vimeo.

Also here is a video from our walks in the morning.They have an on site herpetologist (person that studies snakes and reptiles) and one morning we went nilemonitor (lizard) hunting.....

Safari Adventures! from jen on Vimeo.

Random fact: One of my favorite things about the race is meeting new people.I loved getting to know the workers of where we were staying.

Here are some other random pics.....

visiting the snake house and freaking out over the boa constrictor...

when lucky the lion was having a better day...

normal days included...

while eating our breakfast each morning we would watch barry the crocidile doing his thing he does best... chillin`

we would wake up each morning and randomly animals would be hanging outside of our tents...

Good times at the Safari place!

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