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November 28, 2008

sickness 101

So over the year since we visited so many 3rd world countries our team has battled many many sicknesses.... take a look.


Eli got the typhoid in Bolivia...


5 of us had the dengue fever this year at various times. (Nate, Rusty, Me, Tammy &...also Steve not pictured in the photo.)


 Matt got malaria...


Herpes on various legs, arms, or lips... (Robby, Becky, Matt, & Patrice)



 Meredith had a really bad ear infection, which prolonged her journey to Africa...


Tickbite fever....(Gretchen, Tammy, Robby, Mark, & myself)


 Robby, Eli, & Matt had to deal with wonderful parasites inside their stomaches....



Ring Worm.... Kelton, Me, Eli, & Nate. 



Rubie had to deal with a weird throat infection or what she likes to call a peppermint patty stuck in her throat (haha)!



Andi & I had to deal with head lice...


I don't remember what sickness this was...but Tammy, Robby, & Matt had it. (maybe throat infections of some kind?)



 We've all had to deal with diarrhea all year long.... 


 Just normal typical 3rd world diseases... we all survived and are healthy and happy.  Sickness didn't slow us down just made us stronger in the long run.... it was an amazing year!



Posted by jennifer at November 28, 2008 12:54 PM


bahaha! love it!

Posted by: rubes at October 15, 2009 12:19 PM

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