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January 13, 2009

november to december to january

so i've been back in the states! had a cali visit in november visited with friends.

since december i've been livin the g-rap. figuring out life since traveling and seeing what is next.

had a good christmas. new years. everything in between.

the kopper top!

rosie thomas.

benjamin riley.

vigilantes reunion.

lets not forgot michael riley's cd release & valentiger's upcoming cd!

dance parties!


been hanging out on carolyn's couch since i haven't been working.

but tomorrow i start trucking it once again! i gotta pay dem billllzzzz.

i don't know what is next, but hey that's ok!

(p.s. stole some of these photos off of facebook land since i don't know where i put my photo cord to input my photos! ...it'll show up one of these days.)

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