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DECEMBER 3, 2006

Welcome to Part #1 of an ongoing taste exploration into new seasonal snack offerings. We have started with a snack near and dear to our hearts and home (literally. it's factory is like down the street): Holiday El Matador Mexican Style Tortilla Chips, or as we like to call them, "The Merry Matadors"

Official Taste Testers:

Todd, Steve, Beth, George

Beth and Steve braved the intense weather conditions and patented holiday Meijer Madness to bring these colorful toritlla chips into our home, at reduced rate ($2.50/lb.). The chips were rated with a likert scale ranging from one (the worst) to five (the best). Our surveys judged the Merry Matties in the areas of Taste and Flavor, Appearance, Comparison to Classic El Matador's, Overall Experience, Overall Festivity, and concluded with our General Comments. Surveys were completed in secret on pieces of paper, which were recycled upon recording the results.


Todd: 4 "Has less of a citrus flavor, but i enjoy the reduced saltiness and simple taste."
Steve: 4.5 "Just the right amount of salt."
Beth: 3 "Too salty - hurts the corners of my mouth"
George: 3.5 "Good, but not quite up to the salty standards of the classic el matador."

Average: 3.75

Todd: 5
Steve: 5 "Could Double as a Decoration."
Beth: 5!!! "Dang!"
George: 5 "I love the colors. Very cute."

Average: 5

Todd: 4
Steve: 5 "They taste the same to me."
Beth: 5 "Same taste, visually explosive!"
George: 2 "i like my el matties encrusted with salt, these do not compare"

Average: 4

Todd: 4.5
Steve: 5 "Brings back the joy of childhood christmas morning."
Beth: 4
George: 4 "As someone who has eaten plain old regular el matadors his entire life these delightful color options are a treasure. except for the one that almost went down the wrong tube. that one was a jerk."

Average: 4.4

Todd: 5
Beth: 5 "Whammy!"
George: 5 "these are the most festive tortilla chips i have ever eaten. far more festive than a tostito fiesta bowl snack-pack."

Average: 5

General Comments:

Todd: "Compared to the 'classic' El Matadors, the hint of lime was lass notable. These won me over with their holiday pallette. A TAKE NOTICE seasonal snack."


Steve: "This bag immediately caught my eye while walking the aisles of Meijer, knowing i would be in for a colorful treat instead of the regular yellowish bore. Just as tasty as the classic El Matadors, I recommend this snack for anyone who wants to liven up the holidays."


Beth: "This sophisticated snack put me right in the christmas mood. But! too salty - makes me feel like I'm licking my way out from underneath Detroit."


George: "It was almost like a winter wonderland in my mouth, but not quite. It could have had the best of both worlds: creative coloration and mouth puckering salty goodness. without salt, the El Matador holiday offerings are too colorful almost to the point of not making sense."

With an over all average of 4.4, We officially deem these Merry Matties to be quality Seasonal Snack fare. While this is the first year in our collective memory that we have seen multi-colored festive El Matadors, we certainly hope it is not the last. In short, We approve.

More reviews please, and I'd like to participate!

I have been told I have a very refined palate by numerous culinary superstars, such as Mega-Celeb Rachel Ray.

Great post!

What lime flavor is Todd talking about?

Posted by: Anthony | December 4, 2006 9:34 PM
george, you look like a cartoon character or something.

i don't think anyone has any idea what todd is talking about with the lime thing.

no idea.



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12:27 PM: FEBRUARY 21, 2007

my office friend katie and i bought two dozen of these guys from american bakery up on bridge. nice guys, cool fat tuesday vibe! i had 3: prune, custard, apple. they were fantastic, but honestly even a day later i still kind of want to die a little bit inside. happy lent!


9:55 PM: JANUARY 2, 2007

my mother is from georgia, and its a southern tradition to start the new year with a plate of black eyed peas for good luck. Pictured here with collared greens and accompanied by a refreshing glass of apple cider - which is a michigan tradition for delicious! geo.

1:19 PM: DECEMBER 31, 2006

Yuppie lunches are back in action at taste of india out in kentwood.

1:19 PM: DECEMBER 5, 2006

what can top everyone in charge at my office being gone at a meeting all day? they brought back left overs!! GOOD DAY!


12:42 AM: OCTOBER 25, 2006

Almost got this to throw in the split pea soup.