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FEBRUARY 15, 2007

Almost every morning my Grandpa starts his day with fried country ham, fried eggs, and fried hashbrowns. He skips lunch, and then come dinner time he'll fry fish, or more ham. He likes to fry food, and it usually turns out pretty good. Although, once when I saw him dip out a huge spoonful of lard to fry catfish I was a bit turned off.

Unlike my Grandpa, I am not good at frying food. NOT GOOD AT ALL. The first thing I tried to fry was hashbrowns. They ended up like potato chips (I didn't know how long to keep them in). Everything else ends up burned, including the cooking utensils. I can't seem to get the hang of hot oil.

Tonight, I took another stab. I found a recipe for Curry Bean Burgers on the Hot Knives Blog that sounded amazing. Everything started out amazing. The barley looked good. The green beans and curry smelled delicious. When I mixed everything I was proud of myself. I made the patties, and heated the oil. After the oil was hot, I threw in the patties and everything started to fall apart, literally.

They started out in nice clumps, but as they heated up corners broke off, and they split down the middle. It was a disaster. I quickly rescued them and put them back together; the hot oil seaping out and burning my hands. After I pieced them back into patties I decided that was it. They were done.

Picture From Hot Knives, Obviously

They looked like the picture above, but in pieces and far from a perfect solid color. They tasted pretty good, especially with some avocado, and sprouts.

Would I make them again? Maybe after a few lessons from Grandpa?

yeah, if they tasted good, why not? i think it would be pretty good as a mash!!

you learn so much from the failed experiments!



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12:27 PM: FEBRUARY 21, 2007

my office friend katie and i bought two dozen of these guys from american bakery up on bridge. nice guys, cool fat tuesday vibe! i had 3: prune, custard, apple. they were fantastic, but honestly even a day later i still kind of want to die a little bit inside. happy lent!


9:55 PM: JANUARY 2, 2007

my mother is from georgia, and its a southern tradition to start the new year with a plate of black eyed peas for good luck. Pictured here with collared greens and accompanied by a refreshing glass of apple cider - which is a michigan tradition for delicious! geo.

1:19 PM: DECEMBER 31, 2006

Yuppie lunches are back in action at taste of india out in kentwood.

1:19 PM: DECEMBER 5, 2006

what can top everyone in charge at my office being gone at a meeting all day? they brought back left overs!! GOOD DAY!


12:42 AM: OCTOBER 25, 2006

Almost got this to throw in the split pea soup.