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OCTOBER 24, 2006 11:42 AM

Carsten Holler's newest sculpture, Test Site, at the Tate recalls some of the questions raised at the Group Work Panel. Wittenbraker suggested that artists are responsible for the realm of imagination, and then we give ideas over to specialists, in order to execute and implement. Who does Holler give this idea to? We talked also about the artist using/manipulating the public as subjects for his/her own interests. This work suggests another relationship between artist and subject. We at powwow are really enamored by this Holler piece. A proposition for the future. A chance for play and thrills- a game. A better world through art, and pehaps a better art through the phenomenological moment. The disclaimer being that we at powwow haven't actually participated in/experienced the piece, only have we seen images which represent the idea. (Where's the art, here, anyways?)
Any thoughts, folks, on relating this work to the ideas of collaboration/relational aesthetics circulating from the panel?

No specific thoughts on this piece, but I've really appreciated the works that have been in the Turbine Room at Tate Modern.

They've really taken advantage of the size of the space, both to allow for large-scale work but also to encourage people to congregate and participate.

My favourite experience there so far was The Weather Project, because of the way it invited people to just sit in the hall and relax into the experience together.

James | October 24, 2006 12:50 PM

Test Site succeeds partly because it is a politic-free zone.

Sculpture can be fun!

This also goes to show that if you put a glorified playground slide in a museum, it becomes art.


jdawe | October 24, 2006 6:46 PM


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