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FEBRUARY 5, 2007 8:39 PM

The multiplity of Elvises in our world is undeniable. They pop up everywhere as variable iterations of the King, versions of an icon so dear to all of our hearts. TCB! Elvis is a print, folks, and this particular Elvis, the Mini-Elvis, can be seen every Saturday at Holly's Back Door Bar and Grill on 28th Street in Grand Rapids. Nestled in the Howard Johnson's Hotel, this joint brims with Karaoke on Saturday nights, and it has now been touched by the claw of the Mini-Elvis. He is no impersonator, he is one of an endless edition of superstars. Don't miss him.

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FEBRUARY 5, 2007 8:19 PM

A long time ago, during Calvin College's Interim, the Screenprint class paid a visit to Nick Stockton's fwd>> space. He talked with the class about some great DIY screenprinting techniques and described his T-shirt projects, where gallery goers are able to customize their own handprinted shirts by picking stencils and colors. Stockton also pulled out this screen featuring some amazing folk paper cut-out images. What a wonderful memory I have of that day, including full coffee service, Dada movies, jokes, day jobs, and screen drawing fluid.
Afterwards, we continued our field trip at Service Reproduction, Grand Rapids' own killer art supply store.

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