DECEMBER 24, 2005 10:26 PM

While talking to George and waiting for up Santa (this year I will not fall asleep!), I started googling people I know.

I googled Kevin Timmer to find that the second entry delves right into his personal life; “Although he's not currently with a girlfriend, Kevin Timmer will stay in Grand Rapids and continue working at Grand Valley as interim director of the ...” As Kevin has previously posted, this flattering quip is delivered to the earth’s entire population courtesy of GV magazine. I also learned a lot about Kevin’s musical tastes; “Kevin Timmer Male, 22 years old, United States Member since 15 Mar 2005. Last track: Eels - World of Shit. “

Googling good old George produced the best find of all, A link to my blog! This is the complete manifestation of the creepy shadows we cast on the internet. What if George’s freshman year neighbor googled Geo only to find that wimpy little guy that dated his sister for like two weeks was singing the praises of George and his oddly animalistic approach to community projects?

Alex, of Gray Matter, is both a knighted Scottish poet and a WWII pilot.

Ben Schaafsma splits his time between running his Mac computer store and helping teens with the group “let’s talk Alaska.” Emma’s info seems to be mostly accurate and rather flattering.

I can’t believe that Tom didn’t tell us he was the sound mixer for Party Girl, She Hate Me and countless others listed on his IMDB page!

Most of Matt Poole’s “homepage” is “Forbidden.” Luckily, he’s provided us with book reviews on Amazon (don’t bother, they’re in Australian) and this lovely photograph;

I’ve asked Geo to take my last name off the community page because it is the first thing that pops up when you google me. A lecturer at GVSU’s business school once told a group of students that they should google themselves and see what comes up because their potential employers surely will. Think about it, wouldn’t you try and get some internet info on the new intern or the manager that’s being transferred from the Grandville store?

Don't be ashamed, it's natural. Even though they say they don't do it, everybody googles themselves.

♥ anthony
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DECEMBER 7, 2005 11:31 AM

We got a letter at work to day, with an interesting stamp honoring Robert Penn Warren.

The stamp seems to depict some sort of rally so I thought I’d look into who he was. It turns out that he is a poet and author from Kentucky! I looked a little deeper and found two books, At Heaven’s Gate and All the King’s Men, that I can’t wait to read.

All the King’s men even prominently feature’s Transylvania University, where my grandparent’s met each other. I should have gone to Transy. They gave me a scholarship (not enough though) and even invited me to be on the swim team. Unfortunately I was so convinced that I had to study Film and Video that I really didn’t even consider it.

My grandparents go to Alumni events every year. I am pretty sure my grandpa learned to use the internet just so that he could email all his former classmates about basket weaving, broom making and orchids. It makes me wonder how my collegiate relationships will be maintained.

Several of my friends have already scattered across the globe, from Chicago to Thailand, and more are leaving next semester. Will these people keep emailing me? Will I email them? I’ve already lost touch with nearly everyone I knew in Rio and London.

Is the facebook the only answer?

♥ anthony
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DECEMBER 6, 2005 12:55 PM

Hey g-rad.

On Wednesday, December 14th (yup, right in the middle of exam week. Tell me about it.) I am hosting an event that is sort of an early kickoff to the gubernatorial campaigns.

I would like to invite all of the g-rad community and anyone else who is interested in attending to this event. Details are posted on the Calendar, but briefly:

When : 7pm, Wednesday, December 14th

Where: The Artist Lofts on the Avenue of the Arts
106 S. Division, #216
Grand Rapids, MI

I am guessing that the event will go until 9pm, but people can come and go as they please.

Governor Granholm will be doing a webcast to all the events around the state around 8pm.

I would love it if you invited some of your friends.

I had talked to George about inviting (not requiring) people to bring Michigan themed food and making this part of the Potluck project. What do you think? I'll start a thread in the Forums and if people are down then we'll do it.

The fact that this event is being organized by a couple of college kids speaks volumes about the opportunities to improve the community each one of us has. It would mean a lot to me to have a good turnout.

If anyone has any questions, they can email me at:

♥ anthony
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DECEMBER 5, 2005 1:37 PM

I just got a sandwich from Jimmy John's. Wack.

All the sandwich places downtown suck.

Jimmy John's was kind of a cheap and safe option until today.

I ordered the vegetarian - sprouts, then I noticed what looked like a bunch of clumps of dough on the counter where they make the subs. Seconds later I saw the JJ guy digging his fingers into the bun and rippng out the bread from one side! I asked why they did this and they were like, "I don't know? You can ask them to not do it."


So wasteful.

I haven't eaten at Quiznos in nearly a year because I noticed that they cut off the end of every single sub so that "no one gets a bite of just bread."

Dear people who make sandwiches, why are you crazy?

You don't have to walk 2 blocks from either of these shops to find people who are freezing and would love to have some bread. I know that Quiznos does not donate their "excess" bread to any food banks and I doubt that any gleaners will except clumps of hand-pulled bread.

Blakes Turkey is far too expensive and not that good.
I have never had a good sandwich (or cookie) from Cafe Solace. They do make dope salads though.
The Subway on Monroe charges more than the standard franchise...because they can.
Roly-Poly usually makes me sick.
Two Choppers is a good place to eat lunch if you want to feel like a dumbass, their courteous staff will go the extra mile to make you, um what's the opposite of feel welcome?
The dog pit doesn't take credit cards.

I love Olive Express.
Cornicopia(sp?) has the besT pastries Downtown.
GRCC's grille is kind of gross but Super cheap.
I have walked all the way to Pepino's to avoid these other restaurants before.
That new Chinese restaurant is okay.
XO is good for dinner.

Am I missing anything?

ps. I lost my apetite after I realized that I acn't remember if the Jimmy John's guy had on gloves. I just keep picturing him sucking little bits of bread out of his finger nails while on break. Oh, gosh. I just puked at work (not true).

♥ anthony
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DECEMBER 1, 2005 11:53 PM

In a sort of odd way, I really think I love Grand Valley.

Love, in the same way you love your troubled cousin who you are not that close to but have always sort of enjoyed. You keep hearing people talk shit, saying they're good-for-nothing but you always hope for the best. Then your cousin goes and steals $40 from your wallet during Thanksgiving.

I don't know if the photo editor of the Lanthorn is familiar with the old stereotype that their front page picture seemingly makes reference to, but I was kind of surprised when I saw it this morning.

As a “minority” at GVSU, I have been to plenty of meetings at events and had a laugh with friends about how they always have either fried chicken or barbecue catered. In fact, I went to one tonight and the chicken was so good I almost asked for a second helping.

I know at least one of the people in the picture and I guarantee that they didn't realize that the front page of the newspaper was going to have an headline about a "Cultural Reception" and a picture with some black faculty smiling and eating chicken.

I am really happy that the president and staff are doing the networking event, which is why I am so bamboozled by the article. Can the editors of the Lanthorn really be so ignorant as to not be sensitive to this? Is this a bad joke? I hope, I really, really hope that it is just a matter of ignorance but the damage is kind of done.

Intent and impact can be two very different things.

♥ anthony
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