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DECEMBER 1, 2005 11:53 PM

In a sort of odd way, I really think I love Grand Valley.

Love, in the same way you love your troubled cousin who you are not that close to but have always sort of enjoyed. You keep hearing people talk shit, saying they're good-for-nothing but you always hope for the best. Then your cousin goes and steals $40 from your wallet during Thanksgiving.

I don't know if the photo editor of the Lanthorn is familiar with the old stereotype that their front page picture seemingly makes reference to, but I was kind of surprised when I saw it this morning.

As a “minority” at GVSU, I have been to plenty of meetings at events and had a laugh with friends about how they always have either fried chicken or barbecue catered. In fact, I went to one tonight and the chicken was so good I almost asked for a second helping.

I know at least one of the people in the picture and I guarantee that they didn't realize that the front page of the newspaper was going to have an headline about a "Cultural Reception" and a picture with some black faculty smiling and eating chicken.

I am really happy that the president and staff are doing the networking event, which is why I am so bamboozled by the article. Can the editors of the Lanthorn really be so ignorant as to not be sensitive to this? Is this a bad joke? I hope, I really, really hope that it is just a matter of ignorance but the damage is kind of done.

Intent and impact can be two very different things.

i noticed that photo yesterday and made a comment about it to the friend i was sitting with!

in the same paper there is a poll that asked students if they thought the university does enough to promote safe sex. the three caucasian students all were quoted saying they didn't know of any services offered by the university--while the one african american student that was polled knew where to get free condoms.

i'm not one to hold conspiracy theories..but it made me wonder if the editors have some unconscious (or conscious) issues to deal with.

dan | December 2, 2005 7:15 PM

What's the plan to educate?

Katie Owen | December 5, 2005 9:45 AM


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