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DECEMBER 24, 2005 10:26 PM

While talking to George and waiting for up Santa (this year I will not fall asleep!), I started googling people I know.

I googled Kevin Timmer to find that the second entry delves right into his personal life; “Although he's not currently with a girlfriend, Kevin Timmer will stay in Grand Rapids and continue working at Grand Valley as interim director of the ...” As Kevin has previously posted, this flattering quip is delivered to the earth’s entire population courtesy of GV magazine. I also learned a lot about Kevin’s musical tastes; “Kevin Timmer Male, 22 years old, United States Member since 15 Mar 2005. Last track: Eels - World of Shit. “

Googling good old George produced the best find of all, A link to my blog! This is the complete manifestation of the creepy shadows we cast on the internet. What if George’s freshman year neighbor googled Geo only to find that wimpy little guy that dated his sister for like two weeks was singing the praises of George and his oddly animalistic approach to community projects?

Alex, of Gray Matter, is both a knighted Scottish poet and a WWII pilot.

Ben Schaafsma splits his time between running his Mac computer store and helping teens with the group “let’s talk Alaska.” Emma’s info seems to be mostly accurate and rather flattering.

I can’t believe that Tom didn’t tell us he was the sound mixer for Party Girl, She Hate Me and countless others listed on his IMDB page!

Most of Matt Poole’s “homepage” is “Forbidden.” Luckily, he’s provided us with book reviews on Amazon (don’t bother, they’re in Australian) and this lovely photograph;

I’ve asked Geo to take my last name off the community page because it is the first thing that pops up when you google me. A lecturer at GVSU’s business school once told a group of students that they should google themselves and see what comes up because their potential employers surely will. Think about it, wouldn’t you try and get some internet info on the new intern or the manager that’s being transferred from the Grandville store?

Don't be ashamed, it's natural. Even though they say they don't do it, everybody googles themselves.

the Ben Schaafsma in Alaska is actually my cousin. He used to live in Cadillac, MI and attended Calvin, I think.

He is making bank I am sure, being one of the only Mac retail dealers anywhere near him.

Why would you want your last name taken off the page? Are you ashamed of G-Rad? I am sure a potential employer would love to see your blog.

Benner | December 25, 2005 11:05 AM


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