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JANUARY 18, 2006 10:21 AM

In my grandmother’s dining room, two framed prints are proudly displayed amongst the antique furniture and large tea-leaf collection. The prints are fond depictions of both, her elementary school and her high school back in Kentucky. During thanksgiving she told me, again, about how the buildings had been important posts during the civil war. She told me a few stories about making the switch from the smaller elementary school to the larger and more grandiose high-school. I never really understood why my grandmother went to the trouble of having pictures of school buildings from her youth placed on the wall. After last night, I think I understand her.

None of the public schools I went to when I was a child will exist next year.

I spent two and-a-half years in a private school called Stepping Stones. When my little sister was born, I switched to GRPS. I went to a new small Montessori school called Wellerwood on the North East side of town. My bus ride would take me all over the city and pick up kids like Harvey, one of my best friends. We had a lot of freedom and the parents were really involved. Both my little sisters went to the same school with me. I graduated from sixth grade with about 6 or 7 other kids. My parents have a tape of the ceremony somewhere, I remember because I wore a suit with the new Fila Grant Hill high-tops. I’m sure that my excitement is palpable in the video. I was one of two people from Wellerwood selected to attend City-middle next year.

I kept getting a stupid forbidden message so I had to break this into two posts.

Anthony | January 18, 2006 10:32 AM


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