MARCH 31, 2006 10:21 AM

Yesterday was so beautiful. Today has pretty much sucked.

I am supposed to dj a party tonight, the third annual throwback party. I am not sure if I will because neither me nor Harvey are really feeling it and it is not paid. Hate to back out on a friend but I also am going to be going to Rock Against Rape tonight.

Last night I went to drink for 80s night or something. Wow. It was the wackest thing I’ve ever been to. I’ve always had a problem with decade themed nights because they tend to throw on all these disjointed songs, play them all the way to the end and then play some other song with a completely different vibe. Snobby, I know. It was pretty fun other than the music.

It was funny to see that DJ Jeff Leopard is the guy from GRTV that used to do Nothing TV. I always liked that show. Do your thing man!

Here are a couple of pictures of the rally downtown this week.

This is my buddy Gonzalo. He and his sister are from the same neighborhood as me and we went to high-school together. He was the MC for the rally.

These Baloons had smiley faces on one side...

and a protest message on the other.

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MARCH 21, 2006 4:59 PM

Citations are like cigarettes. Everyone, especially people who smoke, know that cigarettes stink, taste horrible, seriously mess up your teeth and the make you die quicker. Despite the abundance of factual information highlighting how little sense they make, people get hooked and simply can’t stop.

Citing your sources certainly won’t cause an early death, unless of course you are quoting the fella who told you about their plans to “Whack” somebody. The thing that has always irritated me about citations is that there are several different styles and each style’s adherents fail to see the merits in the other. Occasionally, I have encountered a professor who does not care which style I use, but simply that I pick a style and stay constant. While I cannot fault their desire for consistency, this request solidly discredits the need to adhere to any style, in my mind.

I could, with far greater efficiency and accuracy, provide my professors with an electronic link to the site of origin, the electronic database or a library catalog holding for every source I cite. Interviews and other oddballs are a separate beast; a fact which is borne out by the multitude of citation examples available within each style. Think about it. If my prof. really wanted to make sure I wasn’t plagiarizing or was interested in the original source. She could click a link and request the book from a local library.

In the business school, I once had a group paper severely penalized for improper MLA citations. The fact that it was a management class and it was BS to begin with helped cushion the blow of that little slap of ridiculousness across my face.

Instead of embracing new technology like students have (and you know you use the internets for all kinds of research, be it reputable journals or google searches), we are only offered stoic requirements that call for strange tidbits. Please tell me why it is necessary for me to tell my professor that the anthology I used was printed in New York. It was probably written in Boston published by a company with a couple of cubicles in NYC, printed in Thailand and then sent to libraries all over the world, but the location of the publishing house is somehow relevant to my academic pursuits.

MLA, Chicago, AP and my personal favorite, the APA style of writing and citing are contradictory and crass. I can track down obscure songs based on two lines of lyrics, but my professors need to know where a book from the Oxford University press was published? I want some reform. I want a liberated academia. I am all for credit where credit is due, but enough is enough.

“When one has no form, one can be all forms; when one has no style, he can fit in with any style.” –Bruce Lee

♥ anthony
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MARCH 18, 2006 6:48 PM

♥ anthony
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