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MARCH 31, 2006 10:21 AM

Yesterday was so beautiful. Today has pretty much sucked.

I am supposed to dj a party tonight, the third annual throwback party. I am not sure if I will because neither me nor Harvey are really feeling it and it is not paid. Hate to back out on a friend but I also am going to be going to Rock Against Rape tonight.

Last night I went to drink for 80s night or something. Wow. It was the wackest thing I’ve ever been to. I’ve always had a problem with decade themed nights because they tend to throw on all these disjointed songs, play them all the way to the end and then play some other song with a completely different vibe. Snobby, I know. It was pretty fun other than the music.

It was funny to see that DJ Jeff Leopard is the guy from GRTV that used to do Nothing TV. I always liked that show. Do your thing man!

Here are a couple of pictures of the rally downtown this week.

This is my buddy Gonzalo. He and his sister are from the same neighborhood as me and we went to high-school together. He was the MC for the rally.

These Baloons had smiley faces on one side...

and a protest message on the other.


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