APRIL 19, 2006 11:18 AM

Gaucho pants started showing up in other cities last summer so naturally the GR Girls are rocking these ridiculous looking shorties.

Maybe the plant! people would be interested in the Tulip Skirt, which I am told is a fancy new skirt cut. Be warned, these skirts look pretty harmless in the store...

but they make you look an awkward equestrian when you wear them.

I'm not really sure why these clothing manufacturers are intent upon making women's lower-halves look like the funhouse mirror reflections. Actually, the most plausible explanation I can think of is that somebody still had a shitload of Hammer pants from the 90s and found a couple of creative ways to get rid of them.

♥ anthony
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APRIL 17, 2006 11:48 AM

I had my parent’s car for the weekend so I picked up George and we went to the Deltaplex for the first ever, Grand Raggidy Roller Girls bout.

Actually, I stopped by the ATM, took out $20, accidentally left my card in the ATM, hurried over to George’s, waited for about 15 minutes for George to arrive, drove to Comstock park, paid $5 for parking, realized I left my card at the ATM, frantically drove back downtown, called and canceled my now lost ATM card, drove back to the Deltaplex for the first ever, Grand Raggidy Roller Girls bout.

The best part of this whole ordeal was not the skating, but the crazy diverse audience. People of all ages, races and walks of life where there to watch the derby. There were tons of people for what I thought would be a small scale hipster half-ass.

It turned out to be quite legit. People had signs and favorite skaters. Although I imagine most people joined me in ignorance of the game’s rules and shared my cursory interest in the derby itself, everyone seemed genuinely excited to see something like this in Grand Rapids.

I had a soft pretzel with cheese and the dj played the beer song by Mustard Plug, twice! George got some cotton candy and, like most of the other derby fans, relished the spectacle of the whole thing.

♥ anthony
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