MAY 8, 2006 12:41 PM

I am a real sucker for big, dramatic museum exhibitions. Can you imagine being at one of those venerable old science museums when naturalists and pre-paleontologists first displayed dinosaur bones? Exhibition preparation is itself, a fine-art in my opinion. Andy Warhol got his start as a window dresser and latter used his experience with the presentation of material culture to challenge our beliefs about art and images.

A while back I had a chance to see a retrospective of Vivienne Westwood. It was a really exciting show not just because of the content, but the presentation was also really interesting. Anyone who saw the Tropicalia exhibit at MCA knows exactly how important the presentation of an exhibit is.

Last Wednesday, Anglomania, opened at the Met. The exhbit, subtitled “Tradition and Transgression in British Fashion,” covers British Fashion from 1976-2006.

The common thread throughout "AngloMania," the new fashion exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, isn't tartan plaid, Savile Row suits or even punk-style slashed T-shirts, though they're all adequately represented. The star of this exhibit is British wit.Source

Obviously there is some punk influence in this one. Johnny Rotten actually recorded a pretty boring and incoherent podcast for the exhibition. It sort of sounds like he wrote a poem about his influence on punk “and pretty much everything else” and then recorded it. Something tells me that this icon of punk probably took a few takes to get his little project sounding just right.

Johnny Rotten’s podcast stream

Johnny Rotten’s podcast download

The British wing of the Met has apparently been transformed from what is normally a muted palate proper British design, to a celebration of the rogues and dandies that keep London streets interesting.

I also found this interesting video that makes me wish hadn’t spent all my money on a trip to NYC a couple of months back.


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