JUNE 22, 2006 12:43 PM

I found this website from the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. It is a site with several of important artists and luminaries from British art, mainly. Does anyone remember when the UICA had an artworks exhibition that featured Grand Rapids site maquettes constructed out of Legos?

I am glad that I got to see this piece in person before it was sold. It is both amazing and dissapointing at the same time. It's scale is much greater than I imagined while it is actually kind of difficult to see through the formaldehyed from some angles. After reading a fair portion of "On My Way to Work," by Hirst, I am pretty sure he didn't mean for the less than clear solution to represent our murky visions of death.
I love Tracey Emin. I think she is going to be remebered as one of the greatest artist's of this period. She is throwing a glass of wine on some poor sod in this picture. She is the one who made the tent about all the people she had slept with during some period in her life. I recently read an interview between her and Julian Schnabel in which she talked about her bed. I think her ideas about the bed are really interesting. It is a very clever elevation of still life, if you ask me.
Damien Hisrst worked at Whitecube before exhibiting there and becoming super famous. Whitecube is owned by Jajy Jopling. Jay Joppling is married to video artist Sam Taylo-Wood. And the whole lot of 'em are legos.
Chris Ofili (paints with poop and porn). Victoria Miro (I visited her gallery in the east end of london and accidentally walked back into some office area. It took me a long and embarassing amount of time to figure out how to get into the gallery the first place. I quite preffered the parasol unit next door.) Grayson Perry (makes kind of off-putting vases and wears a dress)
Jeff Koons has these equilibrium tanks in the Tate Modern (at least one). I like his casts of balloon animals.

Yves Klein's work seems a bit sexist to me, but you have to give the dude some props for getting the art world to accpet what is pretty much color as logo in his work.

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JUNE 17, 2006 9:59 AM
The Kent County flag on that building across from the Morton house was upside down a couple of days ago.
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