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NOVEMBER 14, 2006 8:21 PM

I can't really explain why I've always liked Helen Thomas, but since I first saw her slumped among a bunch of barking journalists in the Whitehouse, I've had a strange respect for her style.

When I tell people where I live in D.C., they either say "oh, that neighborhood is changing so much." or they recommend a cool place to eats/shop/whatev. I guess it just depends on their experience in the area. But a co-worker recommended an amazing little restaurant/bookstore called Busboys and Poets, which is technically in down the hill from my neighborhood, but definitely within walking distance.

As soon as my parents left on Sunday and I sort of realized that I only know a baker's dozen people within several miles, I started looking for things to occupy my time. I checked out the Busboys and Poets website and saw that none other than Helen Thomas was going to be doing a reading of her new book in their "Langston Room."

In case you don't know who Helen Thomas is, you can wikipedia her, buuuuut you would probably have more fun watching her "performance" with Stephen Colbert:

The best moment was when someone stood up and asked her if she was at the Corrsepondent's dinner when the colbert thing happened and how she felt about the press' reaction (which was one of shock and condemnation), she was like; "Well...I was in his video clip."

I wanted to take pictures but it was basically in a dining room and I feel weird about taking pictures where people are eating dinner (unless its for POTLUCK!)

i think you just miss her niece.

george | November 14, 2006 10:14 PM

damn it george! i was going to make a geeha reference!

kevin | November 15, 2006 4:11 AM


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